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APC account connection

Pull rates direcly from your APC account.

Easily connect directly to your APC account with a secure one-time sign-in through Zonos Dashboard. Our integration with APC uses their API to pull your live shipping rates so you get the most accurate shipping and landed cost calculations. In order to use this feature, you will need to follow the guidelines outlined in this document to connect your account and then enable APC service levels in your shipping zones, followed by testing to ensure it is working properly.


Connect your APC to Zonos

  1. Log in to your Zonos Dashboard account.

  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar.

  3. Select Shipping rates.

  4. Click Connect carrier account.

  5. Select APC.

  6. Enter your APC account information as follows:

    1. Sender location

    2. Site user ID

    3. Passcode

    4. Account number

    5. Rating API key/token

      1. You would have gotten the key from APC during your onboarding.
  7. Click Save to finish.


Start using your APC rates

Now that you have your APC account connected, you will need to do the following to begin using your live APC rates in your shipping quotes:

  1. Create shipping zones - Shipping zones allow you to have different service levels, rules, and shipping rates for different countries or groups of countries.
  2. Enable APC service levels - Enabling service levels in the zones that you want to use them in allows you to offer different service levels to different zones.
  3. Test your shipping - Test your shipping to make sure everything is working properly and being displayed as intended before being used in production or going live on your website.

Important: You must have item weights set for each item in your shopping cart platform in order to get accurate shipping quotes. If you have items or boxes larger than 11” on any side, your items may need to be calculated with dimensional weight to get accurate quotes. Please contact support for options.

Note: When determining the shipping rate for a package, APC utilizes the weight measurement that yields the higher value between the actual weight and dimensional weight.

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