Global address support


Global address support

Learn how Checkout handles international addresses.

Zonos Checkout offers global address support for 236 countries. This helps ensure that international customers can complete the checkout process without any issues, regardless of the complexity of their address format. US-based ecommerce merchants may find it challenging to format international addresses correctly. Checkout handles this, minimizing the risk of failed deliveries, lost packages, and chargebacks.

The following localization features are available for international addresses:

  • Prevent non-Latin character entry (to ensure compatibility with shipping carriers)
  • Format validation
  • Autocomplete
  • Translation
  • Browser/password-manager autofill

Address character validation 

Many shipping carriers disallow non-Latin characters in addresses. Checkout can prevent customers from entering non-Latin characters in address fields to ensure compatibility with shipping carriers. This helps prevent failed deliveries and lost packages.

If enters non-Latin characters, Checkout will automatically translate the characters into Latin characters and prompt the shopper letting them know. This ensures that the address is compatible with shipping carriers.

Address character validation in Checkout

Address formatting 

Checkout supports validating address formats to 236 different regions and territories. The appropriate fields, field names, and field order are validated for each country. This helps ensure that customers enter their addresses correctly. Field names are also translated into the language of the shopper's browser and use the proper terminology - for example, some countries call their administrative divisions "states," and others call them "provinces."

Global address formats in Checkout

Address autocomplete 

Checkout supports smart address autocomplete through the Google Places API. This helps customers complete their addresses faster and with fewer errors by allowing them to select from a list of suggested addresses. Additionally, Checkout handles auto-filling addresses in case your shopper has saved their address in their browser or password manager.

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