Labels outside dashboard checklist


Labels outside Dashboard Certification Checklist

Explore the requirements for printing labels outside of Zonos Dashboard.

Follow this checklist to ensure your Zonos landed cost quoted orders are guaranteed and remain tax compliant when you are printing labels outside of Zonos Dashboard.

Order information must be passed to Zonos for reconciliation and the remittance process on your behalf. If you are using a Zonos plugin, this information will already be present. If you are using an API integration, you will need to ensure that all the order details are passed to Zonos. It is also necessary that the tracking number is updated to the order details once the label has been created. See our user guide on submitting tracking information to learn more. You will also need to update any order changes as well. If the item details have been changed, or the order has been cancelled, you will need to update the order with that information as well to ensure accurate billing to you, the merchant, and prevent overpayment of duty and tax to the collecting country or carrier.

A package must not only ship DDP, but you must be able to bill duties and taxes (not shipping charges) to a 3rd party account. This is what allows Zonos to be billed for any duty and tax charges onto our carrier account. If this does not happen, you could be billed by Zonos for the duty and tax as well as billed by the carrier when shipping DDP. Note: Zonos' account number(s) and tax ids should be omitted on shipments that were not quoted by Zonos. If a carrier bill is received for a non-Zonos quoted order, the Duty/Tax amount plus fees will be billed back to you.

All Zonos quoted orders must be for shipping methods that support 3rd party billing. Learn more which carriers and 3PL’s are supported.

Zonos must verify that a completed label not only bills duty and taxes back to Zonos, but that the commercial invoice and label contain the correct information based on the ship to location. For example, you must be able to add the Zonos UK Vat ID to the commercial invoice to ensure proper clearance and compliance into the UK. See a list of the labels and commercial invoices needed for verification below:

The above steps can be bypassed if using a Zonos-approved shipping partner or platform. These steps have already been completed and will ensure complete compliance.

Once you have confirmed the above information, or have questions about any of the above requirements, contact your Zonos support representative. They will need to verify the above info and make the necessary internal adjustments before approval is given.

An updated agreement will be sent out from Zonos for you to approve the yearly 1000 USD service charge when shipping outside the Zonos Dashboard. Once signed, the Zonos team will send a verification email letting you know you have been approved and you are ready to print your Zonos quoted orders outside the Zonos Dashboard. This process should only take 3-4 days if the above checklist has been completed, test labels are ready for verification and we have received the signed agreement.

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