Landed cost guarantee


Billing for our guarantee

How our Landed Cost guarantee is billed.

Zonos' price to guarantee a landed cost is 2 USD per order and 10% of the duty and tax. Zonos fees are currently charged at the time of order. In the future, we will charge these fees once a tracking number has been added to the order or a shipment has been created in Dashboard.

If Zonos does not receive the tracking number when the shipment is processed, we will match the tracking number with the order when we receive the carrier's duties and taxes invoice.

When duties and taxes are billed to Zonos without an order, you will be charged our standard fee.

Weekly invoicing 


Zonos invoices weekly on Friday at 23:59 Eastern Time. At that time, Zonos invoices for any charges of duties, taxes, and fees. If payment for these charges fails, you will have two weeks to update your payment method. If duty and tax invoices are not paid within two weeks, API access will be revoked.

View invoices 

To view transactions and statements, log into Dashboard and go to Billing > Invoices which includes:

  • the total amount, status, and date
  • the ability to drill in and export the statement

See our guide on how to view the duty and tax breakdown.

Paying via ACH 

You can pay via ACH or credit card when you get set up with Zonos.

Stripe allows you to set up ACH payments for subscription payments. When a customer subscribes to a service, they can enter their bank account details. Once they have completed the subscription signup form, Stripe will securely store the details and initiate ACH payments on the date the subscription payment is due. Stripe will then deduct the correct amount from the customer's bank account and transfer it to the merchant's bank account.

ACH payments may be required, depending on the risk profile or if you ship outside Dashboard.

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