Daily summary report


Daily Summary report

Get a glance information about your store performance.

The Daily Summary report provides a high-level overview of how your international business is performing. This report includes information about revenue, order count, and carts. It can be accessed from the Home page in Dashboard.

Daily summary report in Dashboard

Today view 

At the top of the page, you'll see today's gross revenue and the percentage change compared to yesterday. This gives you a quick snapshot of how your sales are tracking so far today. The data in the Today view is displayed in real time, in one hour intervals. Hovering over the chart will display the revenue at that specific time point. This allows you to see trends and spikes in your sales activity as the day progresses.

Overview metrics 

The Overview section displays several key metrics over time. These metrics include:

  • Gross revenue: Your total gross sales over the selected time period and the percentage change vs the previous period.
  • Order count: The number of orders placed during the time period and the change from the previous period.
  • Average cart value: The mean value of a cart over the selected time period and the percentage change vs the previous period.
  • Average cart size: The mean item quantity per cart over the selected time period and the percentage change vs the previous period.

Just like the Today view, hovering over each chart will display the value at that specific time point, allowing you to see more granular information. Charts in this section are granular down to a day.

Time period selection 

You can adjust the time period for the report using the two dropdown menus:

Current period

Select the time range you want to analyze. Options include:

  • Today
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days (default)
  • Last 3 months
  • Last 12 months
  • Month to date
  • Year to date
  • Quarter to date

Comparison period

Choose the previous time period to compare against. Options include:

  • Previous period (default) - Compares to the preceding time range of equal length.
  • Previous year - Compares to the same dates in the previous year.
  • None - Displays data for the current period only with no comparison.

When a comparison period is selected, the data for it will be displayed in the charts in gray, allowing you to easily compare to data from the current period.

Interpreting the data 

You can use this report to monitor your daily sales performance and compare to a previous period. Key things to look for:

  • Significant changes in gross revenue, order volume, or average order value
  • Unusual spikes or dips in the intraday revenue chart
  • Trends over time in the sparkline charts next to each metric

This data can help inform tactical decisions, such as running a promotion if sales are sluggish, or strategic plans based on longer-term trends. Comparing to a previous period helps benchmark performance to see if key metrics are growing or declining.

The flexible time period selection allows you to analyze performance over both short-term and long-term horizons, from monitoring daily activity to examining year-over-year growth. Choose the most relevant timeframes for your business needs.

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