Checkout for Magento

Integrate the Checkout plugin for Magento.

Before integrating Zonos Checkout, ensure it will work as you expect. Here is what your experience will be like when you use Checkout:

  • Zonos Hello will automatically identify international shoppers based on their IP address location. When international customers proceed to checkout, they will be redirected to Zonos Checkout to complete their order.
  • In the checkout process, we will provide a total landed cost, which includes shipping (based on your own shipping rates or flat rates), duties, taxes, and carrier fees. By collecting these costs during the checkout, your customers won't have to pay anything extra upon delivery.
  • Your customers will have the convenience of a domestic-like experience: completing the checkout process in their local language, with address fields tailored to their specific country, and the option to pay in their local currency. Orders will be protected against fraud.
  • You can easily manage your international orders through both Magento and Dashboard. Tracking numbers will be synchronized between the two platforms, ensuring smooth order management.
  • Magento promo codes will not work inside Checkout; however, you can create promo codes in Dashboard for your international customers.
    • You must use a unique promo code for your international customers. If you do not, your promo codes will not be imported with your international orders and you will notice discrepancies when orders get imported. For example, you cannot have a promo code named “CYBER” in Magento and then create a promo code that is also named “CYBER” in Zonos.

Steps to integrate 

Follow these steps to integrate Checkout with your Magento store.


Contact a sales representative

Please reach out to us for information on how to get started. Once we get an agreement, you can begin the installation process.


Create a Zonos account

  1. Register for a Zonos account.
  2. After registering, complete your Account setup.

Install the Checkout app

In order to use Checkout with Magento, you need to purchase the extension from the Magento Marketplace, then install it in your terminal with Composer. This approach is more technical than our other plugins due to the way that Magento handles extensions. To install the app:

  1. Download the Checkout extension from the Magento Marketplace.
  2. Download the Hello extension from the Magento Marketplace.
  3. Open a new terminal and navigate to the root directory of your Magento installation and follow the instructions below.

Run the following command to add Checkout to your site's dependencies. Hello will be automatically included.


composer require zonos/checkout

Next, run the following command to enable the Checkout module.


php bin/magento module:enable Zonos_Checkout

Now, run the following command to install the extension and perform any required database migrations.


php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Finally, run the following command to compile a new version of your site including the Checkout plugin.


php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Note: Checkout has a dependency of Hello, so the commands above will install both.


Configure Magento

  1. Go to your Magento admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Zonos -> Zonos Checkout.
  2. Copy your Zonos API key from Dashboard and input it as your Service token.
  3. Copy your Zonos account number from Dashboard and input it as your Store ID number.
  4. In Domestic shipping countries, click to highlight all of your domestic countries.
  5. Under Cart item attribute mapping, choose the information that you would like to map. By default, Zonos will pull item weight, price, description, and country of manufacture (if available). This section contains open fields that your item info can be passed to bring over HS codes, length, width, height or any custom item level attributes that may be used by Zonos for special rules needed when calculating quotes.

Configure general settings

When you configure your Checkout app in Magento, you will also need to make a few changes to your Magento General settings.

  1. Go to your Magento admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> General.
  2. In the Allow countries section, highlight all countries that you want to ship to, internationally and domestically. If a country is not highlighted here, but is enabled in Zonos, the order will be allowed to complete and will appear in Dashboard, but it will fail to import to Magento.
  3. Zonos also recommends you select every country except for the United States in the Zip/postal code is optional for section. This reduces errors in completing orders since some countries do not use or require postal codes. Additionally, because Checkout comes with Zonos' fraud protection, you will not incur additional risk for removing this requirement.

Configure Hello

Hello is added with the installation of the Checkout app. Follow the configuration instructions below for Hello.

  1. Go to your Magento admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Zonos -> Zonos Hello.
  2. Copy your Hello site key from Dashboard and input it as your Site Key.
  3. If you want Hello to convert currency, paste your CSS selectors in the Currency conversion selectors field. Multiple selectors are separated with a comma, e.g. .price,.__current-price,.__subtotal,.__original-price.
    1. If your store's base currency is not USD, tell Hello your store's base currency in Dashboard -> Hello.
  4. If you need to Hide domestic elements for your international customers, input CSS selectors for elements you want to hide e.g. .nav-6,.action-add.

Adjust advanced settings

Optional—The following settings are advanced settings. Defaults are in place, so no action is needed. If you would like to make adjustments, follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to your Magento admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Zonos -> Zonos Checkout.
  2. Adjust according to your preference:
    1. Create invoice on import—Set to Yes by default. Zonos will create an invoice upon the order import. If you choose to disable this feature, you will need to create your own invoice, and Zonos will set a fraud review hold to a zonos_hold status. Once the fraud is lifted, we will revert to the previous status.
    2. Customer login—Set to No by default. If you want to require an account for checkout, switch to Yes. You will also need to go to Customer configuration -> Login options and update Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging In to No.

Test your integration

Now that you have set up your account and your app, you are ready to test your integration. You will need to enable Checkout and Hello in Magento while testing. To do so:

  1. Go to your Magento admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Zonos -> Zonos Checkout.
  2. Switch Enabled to Yes.
  3. Switch to Zonos Hello in the left menu.
  4. Switch Enabled to Yes.

If you are not ready to be live yet, remember to switch these back to No once you are done testing. After completing testing, enable Zonos using the same steps above.

Need help?

If you have questions, please contact our support team. If you are currently working with a Professional Services Project Manager to onboard your account, please reach out to them for assistance.

Uninstall Checkout 

Uninstalling the apps must be performed by an experienced Magento developer via Composer. Run this command to uninstall Checkout and Hello:


php bin/magento module:uninstall Zonos_Checkout Zonos_Hello

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