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Use Google Analytics with Checkout

Implement Google Analytics 4 with Checkout.

Checkout has built-in support for Google Analytics, which allows you to track your international customers' behavior on your store. You can use this data to improve your marketing and sales efforts and to optimize your store for conversions. Checkout only supports Google Analytics 4, the latest version of Google Analytics. If you're not already using Google Analytics 4, you can convert your existing Google Analytics property to Google Analytics 4 or create a new Google Analytics 4 property.

Because Checkout is a modal on your domain, there is no need to enable cross-domain tracking or create a dedicated GA property. In addition to basic visitor tracking, Checkout supports tracking conversion funnels automatically as your international shoppers move through the checkout process with no additional configuration required.

How it works 

Checkout exists as a modal that is embedded on your own site. Because of this, there is no additional domain that needs to be tracked. Checkout's Google Analytics support assumes you already have Google Analytics installed on yor site, and will send tracking events to your existing Google Analytics property.

Enable and disable Google Analytics 

You can configure whether Google Analytics tracking events get sent from Checkout in Dashboard:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Checkout.
  2. Under Google Analytics, toggle the switch to enable or disable Google Analytics tracking events.
  3. Click Save at the top of the page.

Supported tracking events 

In addition to existing metrics about demographics and visitors that you might expect, Checkout supports sending gtag events for key points in order process. This allows you to easily build detailed funnel analysis reports in Google Analytics.

Tracking events

Event NameDescription
zonos-checkout-startWhen the Checkout modal opens
zonos-checkout-closeWhen the checkout modal is closed
zonos-checkout-successOrder is placed successfully
zonos-checkout-payment-failStripe reported an error with the payment
zonos-checkout-customer-infoCustomer info step is filled out and valid
zonos-checkout-shipping-infoShipping info step is filled out and valid
zonos-checkout-payment-infoPayment info step is filled out and valid

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