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Platform product info

Product data passed to Zonos varies by platform plugin.

Some ecommerce platforms have limitations with the data they pass to Zonos for landed cost quotes. Learn what product information Zonos receives from each ecommerce platform and when you must use Zonos Catalog to add product-specific information needed for our calculations.

Optional product info 

Product-specific information is not required in order for Zonos to return a quote. Zonos can use your account defaults for HS codes and country of origin, estimate weight with a custom factor, and quote without dimensions. However, the more product-specific information that is provided, the more accurate our calculations will be.

Product info sent to Zonos 

A checkmark in the table below indicates that Zonos can receive the product information you have entered in your ecommerce platform and use it in its landed cost and shipping calculations. A blank field indicates Zonos cannot receive that product information from the ecommerce platform. To improve accuracy, add your products with the missing fields to Zonos Catalog. Learn how to use Catalog.

If you add weight, dimensions, HS code(s), or country of origin to Catalog, Catalog will always use those fields. If any information is present in both your ecommerce platform and Catalog, the information in Catalog will override the information sent from the ecommerce platform when running our calculations. For example, if a product's weight is present in both Shopify and Catalog, Zonos will use the weight in Catalog to calculate shipping.

Indicates mapping or a specific attribute may be required. See platform integration docs for details.

Product info available by platform

PlatformWeightsProduct dimensionsHS codeCountry of Origin
Shopify Duty and Tax
BigCommerce Duty and Tax
BigCommerce Checkout
BigCommerce Checkout V3
Magento Duty and Tax
Magento Checkout
Miva Checkout
Wix Checkout
WooCommerce Duty and Tax
WooCommerce Checkout
Zonos JS

Indicates mapping or a specific attribute may be required. See platform integration docs for details.

Platform integration docs

Country-specific HS codes 

Most platforms only allow one HS code per item. Catalog can upload a universal HS code and a country-specific HS code in bulk. If you would like to use country-specific HS codes, enter these into Catalog in separate bulk updates. You can also add country-specific HS codes for each product individually when you create or edit the product in Catalog.

Learn more about the differences between universal and country-specific HS codes.

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