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Display translated custom messages to shoppers at checkout.


Zonos Checkout supports adding messaging to your shoppers directly within the shopping flow. Custom messages are a great way to communicate with your shoppers. You can use them to display translated messages to your international shoppers depending on their location such as informing them about shipping delays or letting them know about a promotion.

How custom messages work 

When you add a custom message to your organization in Dashboard, it can be displayed in Checkout and Zonos Hello. Custom messages can be enabled only for specific countries. For example, you can display a message to your shoppers in the United States and Canada but not to those in the United Kingdom.

Custom messages in Checkout

Create custom messages 

Custom messages can be managed in Dashboard. To create a custom message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings.
  2. Under the Checkout section, click Custom messages.
  3. Click Add custom message.
  4. Enter your custom message information, such as the message text and enabled countries.
  5. Click Save.

To delete or disable your custom message after it's been created, click the Edit button next to the message in the list and then click Delete or toggle the Enabled switch.

Translate custom messages 

One of the advantages of custom messages is that you can translate them into different languages to provide your shoppers with a truly localized experience. If you have translations set up, Checkout will pull the viewer's language from their browser and display the message in that language, and your custom messages will be automatically translated.

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