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Can I download Zonos on my development store?

Yes, you can install the Zonos app on your development store without incurring charges. Choose the subscription plan you want, then when you approve the charges, you'll see a banner saying that you will not actually be charged. If you do not see a banner that states you will not be charged (common if your test store is not a Shopify dev store), reach out to us. We can manually designate your store as a dev store to allow the install charge-free.

To place test orders on your dev store, use Shopify's Bogus Gateway to simulate a real transaction without actually taking payment. These orders will appear live in Dashboard, so be sure to cancel all test orders in Dashboard to avoid charges from Zonos for the orders.

Does Zonos work with Recharge subscriptions?

Yes, Zonos does work with Recharge, a subscription payments platform that enables businesses to easily manage recurring payments.

Typically, Recharge uses the shipping options from Shopify's shipping settings, so no additional steps beyond the standard Shopify integration are needed. However, if you use Recharge Checkout V1, you will need to take a few additional steps:

  1. In the Recharge dashboard, go to Settings -> Shipping.
  2. Select Charge shipping.
  3. Under the shipping setup dropdown, select Get all rates from Shopify.
  4. Select either Ship to all countries or Ship to specific countries (then list the specific countries) based on your preference.
  5. Under Recurring shipping rates, select Dynamically recalculate rates for future orders.
  6. Click Save.

If, upon testing, landed costs are sporadically not included in the shipping cost, you can make one of these modifications:

  • Under Reoccurring shipping rates, switch to Retain original shipping rate for future orders. This will retain the landed cost from the original quote for all subsequent subscriptions. However, keep in mind that our calculations are guaranteed for 90 days, or one year with an additional Zonos subscription. Quotes beyond these time frames are no longer guaranteed. You will need to update your orders periodically to use a newer quote. To do this, email Recharge and ask them to run a regeneration.
  • Alternatively, you can choose not to fulfill an order if it fails by turning off the option process order if no shipping rate is found. If an order fails because of this, you can create a draft order for your customer, which will then fetch the shipping rates again.

Can Zonos quote on wholesale orders?

Yes, Zonos can handle wholesale orders separately through a different website. You can use the same Zonos account and store ID for both your retail and wholesale sites as long as all of the orders can be managed together in your Dashboard account. To show the usual retail cost on your wholesale store, you can use the Compare at price feature in your Shopify product listings. This way, you can display the retail cost while listing the actual wholesale price as the selling price.

If you choose to use one of the wholesale apps available in Shopify's Marketplace to offer both wholesale and retail prices on the same website, Zonos will only be able to calculate landed costs using the retail price. As a solution, you may be able to offer both DDP and DDU shipping options with Zonos. Your wholesale customers can choose your DDU shipping options (which still display the expected landed costs as an estimate) and pay duties and taxes upon delivery of their order. Ensure that the wholesale price is listed on the commerical invoice so that they are charged duties and taxes on the wholesale price they paid.

Does Zonos work with Klayvio?

If you use Klaviyo with Shopify to generate customer discount codes and manage abandoned cart recovery, Zonos will be unable to integrate with the discount codes created by Klayvio. This is because the offer codes are created within the Shopify API in a way we are unable to access.

If you have a lot of codes, you can do an export and we can then upload them manually, depending on how often you are creating these. If there are only a few, you can manually add them within Dashboard.

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