One click checkout


One-click checkout

Enable a one-click checkout experience with Link.

One-click checkouts are a great way to increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment. Zonos Checkout's one-click checkout experience is powered by Link, allowing your shoppers to securely store payment information for future purchases. By tapping into Link's secure vault, Checkout can automatically fill in payment information for returning customers, allowing them to complete their purchases in a single click.

Link supports 42 countries and 6 currencies and is available on both mobile and desktop. For a full list of supported countries and currencies, see our payment methods documentation.

Customers new to Link can save their payment details and shipping information to enable faster checkout in the future. Here’s how Link authenticates existing customers:

  1. Link automatically detects if a customer is enrolled by using their email address, phone number, or browser cookie.
  2. The customer receives a one-time passcode to authenticate their session.
  3. Link loads the customer’s payment and shipping information after authentication succeeds. The customer pays with one click.
  4. After a customer has enrolled with Link, they can add backup payment methods and change shipping addresses.

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