International shipping carriers

Learn about the different international shipping carriers.

There are many international shipping carriers. Learn about their services and offerings, and how you can use them to better navigate cross-border shipping.

DHL Express 




Other carriers 

International express shippers 

Depending on the destination, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are integrated carriers. Other providers may offer express services, but an actual integrator uses and owns its trucks, equipment, and aircraft from pickup to delivery.

International parcel mail 

Mail and international consolidators are commonly-used services, offering low-cost prices to your international customers. USPS does not have volume requirements; however, many of the providers below require a minimum amount of daily volume to ship with them.

Service levels 

International service levels and transit time by carrier.


Service typeCountriesTransit
UPS Worldwide Express1151-3 days
UPS Worldwide Express Saver2201-3 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited2202-5 days
UPS StandardCA, MX1-8 days
ABS for UPS StandardCA1-8 days

UPS Mail Innovations

Service typeCountriesTransitMax wt.Tracking
Priority200+4-8 days66 lbs.Limited
Economy200+7-14 days4 lbs. (64 oz.)No Tracking

FedEx Express

Service typeCountriesTransit
FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP)281-5 days
FedEx International Economy2152-5 days
FedEx International First601-3 days (early delivery)
FedEx International GroundCA and US2-7 days
FedEx International Ground Distribution (IGD)CA1-5 days from CA hub
FedEx International Priority2201-3 days
FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution (IPD)651-4 days
FedEx International Priority Express281-3 days

FedEx International Mail

Service typeCountriesTransitMax wt.Tracking
Premium1904-7 days50 lbs.Limited
Standard1907-11 days50 lbs.No Tracking

DHL International

Below are some of the DHL International services that we support from a US origin. In-country fulfillment, shipping calculations from additional countries, and kilos for metric countries are all supported.

DHL Express

Service typeCountriesTransit
DHL Express Worldwide2201-3 days
DHL Express Time Definite751-3 days (early delivery)

DHL eCommerce

Service typeCountriesTransitMax wt.Tracking
Packet International2204-8 days4.4 lbs.Limited
Parcel International Standard2204-14 days44 lbs. (CA-66 lbs.)End-to-end
Parcel International Direct2103-10 days44 lbs. (CA-66 lbs.)End-to-end


Service TypeCountriesTransitMax wt.TrackingNote*
Global Express Guaranteed180+1-3 days66 lbs.TrackableFrom $62.00, provided by FedEx
Priority Mail Express International180+3-8 days66 lbs.TrackableFrom $40.95, flat rate options available
Priority Mail International180+6-10 days66 lbs.TrackableFrom $23.95, flat rate options available
First-Class Package International180+1-4 weeks4 lbs. (64 oz.)LimitedFrom $9.03

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