Test Checkout integration

Learn how to test your Checkout integration.


Testing your Zonos Checkout integration is crucial to ensure that your online store is running smoothly, that customers can complete their transactions successfully, and that you are not losing sales due to technical issues.

Test your integration 

Follow the steps below to test your Checkout integration:


Test checkout window

The first step in testing Checkout is ensuring that when international shoppers attempt to place an order on your site, Checkout correctly shows up instead of your domestic checkout. To test this:

  1. Visit your website in a browser.
  2. If you have a VPN, you can use it to simulate visiting from another country. Otherwise, you can add ?zonosCountry=DE to the end of your URL to tell Checkout to treat you as a shopper from Germany. You can replace DE with any country code that you want to test.
  3. Add one or more items to your cart. Try to add enough items that the total value of your cart exceeds the de minimis value for the country you are testing.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the items in your cart, visit your cart page and click the button to checkout with your items.
  5. If Checkout is correctly configured, instead of seeing your domestic checkout, a window will open with your international checkout.
  6. Keep the Checkout window open as you will continue to use it for the rest of your testing.

Verify cart items

Once you are sure that Checkout properly triggers for international shoppers, the next step is to verify that the information that your integration is sending about your shopper's cart to Checkout is being properly sent over. To do this:

  1. In the Checkout window you have open on your site, look on the right-hand side in the Cart section.
  2. Verify that the item(s) you added to your cart match what Checkout is displaying.
  3. If applicable — verify that the amounts of each item you added match with what Checkout is displaying.
  4. Verify that item details, such as the item name, price, description, image, etc. are, correctly matching with your site.

Test shipping quotes

Next, you will want to verify that shipment rating is properly calculated for your test order. To do this:

  1. In the Checkout window that you have open on your site, enter contact info and address as requested.
  2. Click Next. You will be taken to the shipping option selection screen of Checkout.
  3. You should see shipping options show up that match what you have set up in Dashboard.
  4. Verify that the shipping options displayed, their display names, and their prices are what you expect.
  5. Select one of the shipping options. This will be used for the next step of the testing.
  6. You should see the order totals update on the right-hand side of the Checkout window to reflect your selected shipping option.

Test duties, taxes, and fees

Once you've selected a shipping option, Checkout can calculate an accurate total landed cost quote with duties, taxes, and fees. You should see the order totals on the right-hand side of the Checkout window automatically update to reflect the proper duties, taxes, and (if applicable) and associated fees.

If you select a shipping option and no duties, taxes, or fees appear there is likely an issue with your landed cost configuration in Dashboard. See our troubleshooting guide for next steps.

If duties and taxes appear but have a 0.00 value (in whichever currency you are shopping in), it's possible that the item(s) you added to your cart don't add up to exceed the de minmis values for your selected testing country. If that's the case, Checkout and Hello should have already notified you visually that duties and taxes are not due on this order due to its lower value. If that is what you expect, then no action is needed. If you want to see a test with duties and taxes, in this situation you will need to go back and adjust your cart items quantity or add more expensive items to push the cart value above the de minimis value for your selected country.

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