Replace your checkout


Replace your existing checkout

Use Zonos for your domestic and international checkouts.

Zonos Checkout is primarily an international focused shopper experience, but it can also be used to replace your entire checkout experience, for both domestic and international. This guide will walk you through the benefits of using Checkout for everything, and how to get started.

Domestic and international 

There are several benefits to using Checkout for both domestic and international. Because Checkout is built to handle the complexities of delivering a high quality localized experience to international shoppers, it is also a great option for the comparatively simple use-case of providing a great domestic experience. Some of the features that make Checkout a great option for international shoppers also make it a great option for domestic shoppers, including:

  • A fast, one-click checkout experience
  • Our powerful shipping rules engine
  • Industry-leading fraud protection
  • Simplified fulfillment on your end
  • Easy international expansion
  • Denied party screening and item restrictions
  • Built-in translation

Fast, modern checkout experience 

Checkout is built with performance in mind, both during normal operations and during peak. It includes all of the features you would expect from a modern checkout, including:

These features and more make Checkout a great option for both domestic and international shoppers.

Powerful shipping rules engine 

When using Checkout, you can use our powerful shipping rules engine to create shipping rules that are specific to your business. You can use these rules to:

  • Cartonize shipments with our box packing algorithm
  • Calculate rates for any carrier
  • Offer free, tiered, or flat-rate shipping

Industry-leading fraud protection 

Since Checkout handles payments, you will automatically get access to our built-in fraud protection. Our fraud rules have been fine tuned over the course of years in the demanding and ever-changing world of international fraud, and as such are some of the most advanced in the industry.

Simplified fulfillment 

A big advantage of using the same checkout system for both domestic and international is only needing one set of fulfillment processes. This means your back-office processes can be simplified and you can focus on shipping orders instead of managing multiple checkouts. When you use Checkout for domestic, you will get access to our Labels API as well as our shipping label platform inside Dashboard, allowing you to print shipping labels for both domestic and international shipments from the same software.

Easy international expansion 

As Zonos is primarily designed for cross-border transactions, using Checkout for everything makes it quite easy to add additional countries and to seamlessly fulfill those orders without needing to involve additional tools. Enabling additional countries is as simple as checking a box in Dashboard, and you will get instant access to landed cost calculations, a translated experience, Zonos Hello, and more for each additional country you enable.

Screen and Restrict 

Checkout comes included with our powerful denied party screening and item restrictions features, Zonos Screen and Zonos Restrict. With Screen, we will automatically cross-check your orders against a variety of screening lists to ensure that you are not shipping to a sanctioned party. Restrict allows you to have the peace of mind that you aren't shipping restricted or prohibited items to your customers, depending on location. Both of these features are included with Checkout, and can be used for both domestic and international orders. Additionally, you can use our Zonos Catalog within Dashboard or our API to implement your own item restriction rules.

Built-in translation 

By using Checkout for both your domestic and international orders, you will get access to our built-in AI translation of your entire checkout flow, including any custom messaging you have set up. This can allow you to provide a great experience in situations where your local country has a high number of multiple language speakers, such as English and Spanish in the U.S. or English and French in Canada.

Get started 

To get started with Checkout for your both domestic and international, contact us to connect with a Zonos sales rep.

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