Checkout and data privacy

Stay compliant with shopper privacy laws with Checkout.

Zonos Checkout supports a variety of international privacy laws and supports requesting visitor consent for using their data for marketing purposes. Additionally, Checkout and Hello both support the ability to display your privacy policy directly within the shopping experience.

Note: Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on how we handle your data.

EU GDPR compliance 

Zonos Checkout is GDPR compliant and assumes that collecting personal information for order processing is inherent to the checkout process. We do not require consent for this purpose, and this is a standard practice for most online stores. Checkout can additionally be configured to request explict marketing consent from shoppers.

Brazil LGPD compliance 

Brazil's LGPD law is quite similar to GDPR and we follow the same guidelines for compliance. Consent is implied by default for order processing when placing an order. Checkout can be configured to request explict marketing consent from shoppers in Brazil.

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