Subsidize duties taxes and fees


Subsidize duties, taxes, and fees


Use Dashboard to manage landed cost.

With Zonos Landed Cost guarantee, you can determine which duty, tax, and fee amounts your customer pays at checkout. By default, your customer pays 100% of the duties, taxes, and fees, including the Zonos fee for the Landed Cost guarantee.

Manage fees 

  1. Log in to Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Settings -> Landed cost settings in the left sidebar.

  3. Under Manage fees, you will have the ability to subsidize the "per-shipment fee," "per-shipment percentage fee," or add the "per-shipment fee" to the shipping. You will also be able to subsidize a percentage of the duties, taxes, and fees that are calculated with the Landed Cost.

  4. Click Save.

Manage duties, taxes, and fees in Dashboard

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