Check shipping rates

Get live shipping rates with Zonos.


Zonos Rate allows you to check shipping rates to and from any destinations that your carrier accounts are authorized for. We will use the API connections with the carriers or provided rate sheets to pull this information. The shipment options returned in the calculated shipping response will correlate with the serviceLevels you have assigned to shipping profiles in Dashboard. If you are expecting a serviceLevel in the response but it does not show up, please ensure that that serviceLevel is enabled for the destination.

Checking live rates via Dashboard or the API 

To check shipping rates for a given destination, you can follow the instructions below to do so via the API or in Dashboard.

API with carton details
API with cartonization
  1. Go to Dashboard -> Shipping -> Rates.
  2. Click Check rates.
  3. Select the Ship from location.
  4. Select the country you are wanting to get rates for and fill in all details.
  5. Enter the carton dimensions and weight.
  6. Click Calculate rates.
Rating UI

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