Checkout for X-Cart

Integrate the Checkout plugin for X-Cart.

Zonos Checkout is a powerful cross-border solution that enhances the shopping experience for international customers while removing the pains ecommerce retailers face when selling cross-border.

If you are using X-Cart as your ecommerce platform, you can integrate with Zonos using the Checkout for X-Cart module listed on the X-Cart App store.


Seamlessly integrate the Checkout plugin for X-Cart by following the steps in this section:



Go directly to the following URLs to install both Zonos Hello and Checkout. You will need to install the Hello addon prior to installing the Checkout module. Visit the following links below to get them.

  1. Hello for X-Cart addon
  2. Checkout for X-Cart module

After installation, you will see both in your X-Cart account under Installed Addons.


Hello configuration

  1. Click the toggle button to enable the Zonos Hello widget module to ON.
  2. Click Save changes.
  3. Once the widget is turned on, click Settings. You'll be taken to the “Zonos Hello Widget” settings.
  4. Enter your Zonos Hello site key. You can find this at
  5. Click ON next to Show rates on the product page.
  6. Click Submit to save. Zonos Hello should now show up on your X-Cart website.

Checkout configuration

  1. Click the toggle button to enable the Checkout module to ON.
  2. Click Save changes.
  3. Please wait to let the store deploy (13 steps).
  4. Click the Store setup drop-down.
  5. Next, hit Payments. This will take you to the Payment settings page.
  6. Go to Payment settings > Configuration (tab) > Online methods and click Add payment method. A modal with all the payment methods will display.
  7. Add Zonos as a payment method by typing “Zonos” in the payment method search box.
  8. Click Install next to Zonos Checkout.
  9. Toggle the Zonos Checkout module to ON.
  10. Next, click Save changes.
  11. Please wait to let the store deploy (13 steps).
Zonos recommends

Install the plugin on a staging site for testing before pushing live.

Ensure you ship items DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) if taxes were paid in advance; otherwise, your customer will be billed at checkout and upon delivery as well.

Orders may be delayed on import if they are in fraud review (validating state) to make sure fraudulent orders are not shipped out.

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