Breaking down order totals


Order details

Break down each part of an order.

Dashboard has a detailed summary of each order, showing the amount paid and what made up each component of the order, including shipping and total landed cost calculations.

Shipping cost 

The shipping cost for orders viewed in Dashboard is displayed in the Total section of the All orders page. When applicable, you can expand the shipping cost to see a more detailed breakdown, including fuel surcharges, buffers, and other components of the overall shipping cost. This breakdown can be helpful when understanding how a given calculation is done and when relaying that information to shoppers.

Cart items 

Each item in your order is displayed as part of the overall Total section of the All orders page. When collapsed, you can easily see an item's HS code alongside its cost. When expanded, all available item details will be displayed. The exact contents displayed depend on how you have integrated Zonos.

Landed cost 

The components of a total landed cost calculation—duties, taxes, and fees—are all displayed in the Totals section of the All orders page. A badge appears next to the associated line item when the order exceeds the ship-to country's tax or duty de minimis threshold.

When applicable, you can expand the duties, taxes, and fees items to show an enhanced breakdown of each calculation's components and explanatory notes. This information can be helpful to understand how the cost is calculated and how to explain that cost to shoppers.

Platform variances 

Some orders will show a platform variance at the bottom of the breakdown. This happens when the platform does not allow Zonos to see certain information when we generate our quote (like a discount, for example). This can cause a difference between the order total that we used for our calculations and the one that the customer pays at checkout. In order to align the totals, we record the difference as the "platform variance."

The variance could be the result of any combination of the following:

  • Additional taxes included on the order from other apps
  • Discounts on the line item that we do not receive when quoting (this is the most common)
  • Platform currency conversion fee
  • Platform payment processing fee
  • Shipping buffer set in the platform instead of Dashboard

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