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Customize verbiage for duty and tax display

Customize how messaging for duty and taxes appears in your Shopify checkout.

When using the Zonos Duty and Tax app for Shopify, you can customize the verbiage that appears in the checkout for duty and tax display. This allows you to tailor the messaging to your brand and provide your customers with the information they need to understand the costs associated with their order.

Available customizations 

All verbiage customizations can be accessed via the Advanced settings -> Checkout Language Settings section of the Zonos Duty and Tax app settings in your Shopify admin.

Shopify Plus

The following customizations are available for all non Shopify Plus users:

Shipping method appendments

Shipping method appendments allow you to add a bit of text to the shipping method name in the checkout. For example, adding "Duty & Tax Included" to the shipping method name. You can add different text for both DDP and DDU shipping methods so that customers know what to expect for each shipping method.

Shipping breakdown description

You can customize the subtitle displayed under the shipping method name, which by default displays the duty/tax and fees amounts that are included in the overall shipping cost. Customizing the description is available for both DDP and DDU shipping methods.

To customize the description, enter the text you would like displayed in the appropriate field. You can use the following variables to display the duty/tax and fees amounts in the description:

  • {{ duty }} - Displays the duty amount
  • {{ taxes }} - Displays the tax amount
  • {{ fees }} - Displays the fees amount
  • {{ shipping }} - Displays the shipping amount

For example, to display "$25 Shipping, $10 Duty, $5 Taxes" you would enter the following text:

{{ shipping }} Shipping, {{ duty }} Duty, {{ taxes }} Taxes

Preview changes 

As you make customizations to your duty and tax display, you can preview the changes at the bottom of the page under the DDP Shipping example and the DDU shipping example sections. These will display realtime updates of the changes you are making as if you were a customer checking out on your store.

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