Foreign currency settlement


Foreign currency settlement

Accept payments in your customer's local currency.

One of the most important parts of providing a high quality localized shopping experience is allowing your shoppers to browse and buy in their local currency. This allows the important parts of your shopping experience to shine through and avoids the distraction and discomfort of having to convert prices in their head or leave your site to find a currency converter.

Zonos Checkout supports a first class localized payment experience by allowing you to accept payments in your customer's local currency. This means that your customer will see prices in their local currency, pay in their local currency, and receive a receipt in their local currency. The currency that is displayed in Checkout is based on the customer's location and is automatically selected for them.

Supported currencies 

Zonos supports a broad range of local currencies to enable you to provide the best possible experience to the most possible shoppers. The exact currencies vary by payment method and by country. See our payment methods guide to learn more about which currencies are supported for each payment method.

Foreign exchange rates 

Checkout pulls up-to-date guaranteed exchange rates every 10 minutes. These rates are not the same rates you might see on Google or other currency conversion sites. These rates are the rates that Zonos has negotiated with our banking partners and are the rates that will be used to settle your transactions. This may result in a small difference between the rates you see on Google and the rates used by Checkout, but the rates Zonos presents are more accurate.

Foreign currencies in Dashboard 

When an order is placed in a foreign currency, that order will be displayed in its settled currency within Dashboard.

Stripe Connect onboarding 

In order to process payments, Zonos utilizes Stripe's payment gateway technology via the Stripe Connect platform. As part of your onboarding when using Checkout, you will be asked to create a Stripe account and connect it to Zonos. This is a simple process that takes just a few minutes and is handled entirely within Dashboard.

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