Negotiated rates


Carrier account connection

Connect your carrier accounts for live carrier rates.

It is important to ensure that you charge the correct amount or at least have full control of what is levied when charging your customers for shipping. It is ideal to charge the exact rate that your shipping carrier will charge you based on the weight and dimensions of the product, service level, and destination of the order. To do this, and avoid over- or under-charging your customers, you can pull your carrier account’s live rates by connecting to your carrier’s API via our carrier account connection feature in Zonos Dashboard.

Carrier account connection.

Before connecting your carrier 

You will need to be registered or have an existing account with each carrier that you use in order to connect the account with Zonos. Each carrier requires slightly different information and possibly account modifications in order to allow Zonos to connect to their system to pull and use your live shipping rates for your shipping quotes. See the carriers below to find out what information you need to gather prior to connecting. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Connect your carrier accounts 

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