Troubleshooting Shopify

Resolve common Shopify integration errors.

No shipping options in the Shopify checkout

A message stating, “no shipping options are available” or, “this order can’t be shipped to the address you entered” can appear for a few different reasons:

  • Restricted goods are in the cart.
  • Shipping zones in Dashboard are not set up to ship to that country.
  • Shipping zones in Shopify are not set up to ship to that country.

Restricted goods in the cart

  • If the item in the cart is meant to be allowed to sell internationally, remove the item restriction in Catalog.
  • If the item in the cart is meant to be restricted, the restriction is working properly and that is the reason why shipping options are not displayed in the checkout.
    • If you would like the message to be more clear, you can change the language that appears when no shipping methods are available. You can do this in Shopify by going to Online store -> Actions -> Edit languages. In the field for “Checkout shipping errors,” adjust the language to your liking, then click Save.

Dashboard shipping zones are not set up to ship to that country

  1. In Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping rates, choose the shipping zone that should contain the country in question.
  2. Scroll down to Enabled countries and search for the country.
    1. If unchecked, check the box next to the country (if you want to be able to ship there).
    2. Click Save.
  3. Scroll to Enabled service levels and enable the shipping services you want to offer.
  4. Click Save.

Shopify shipping zones are not set up to ship to that country

If shipping rates are showing in Zonos' Mock Checkout, there is most likely an issue with how settings are configured in Shopify.

  1. In Shopify -> Settings -> Shipping and delivery, click Manage next to your shipping profile (you could have several shipping profiles - you’ll need to do this in each one).
  2. Scroll down to your Shopify shipping zones and ensure that you have a zone set up with the country you are interested in.
    1. If Zonos is not in the zone, add it by clicking Add rate.
    2. If Zonos is in the zone, click the three dots to the right of Zonos, then click Edit.
  3. In the pop-up, select the following settings:
    1. Select Zonos in the dropdown menu. If Zonos is no longer in the dropdown menu, troubleshoot the below:
      • The app may not be enabled. Go to Shopify -> Apps -> Zonos Duty and Tax and click the blue button to enable Zonos.
      • You may not have Shopify's Carrier Service API enabled, so you cannot pull rates from carriers (Shopify considers Zonos a carrier). This may be the case if you are on Shopify's Shopify plan. To confirm if you have Shopify's Carrier Service API, go to Shopify -> Settings -> Shipping and Delivery, then scroll down towards the bottom. If you see a section that says Enable third party carrier rates at checkout, you do not have this service enabled and must enable it with Shopify. Follow Shopify's instructions to enable Shopify's Carrier Service API.
    2. Ensure all boxes under Services are checked. If any boxes are unchecked, rates may not return sporadically. All shipping level services should be enabled on this page, while all shipping level service selections should be made in Dashboard.
    3. Ensure the box under Future services is checked.
    4. Leave both fields at the bottom empty. All buffers should be managed within Dashboard.
  4. Click Save.

Duty and tax are not showing separately from shipping cost

By default, the duty and tax are combined with the shipping cost in the order summary on the right side of the checkout. However, each of the shipping options (on the left side of the checkout) has the shipping cost itemized from the duties and taxes in flat text below the shipping service level name.

If you would like the duty and tax to be on a separate line item from the shipping in the order summary, you’ll need to be on Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus allows you access to your checkout.liquid file to make customizations. If you input the Shopify Plus Bonus Snippet, duties and taxes will display as a separate line item in the order summary on the right side of the checkout page. They will no longer appear on the left side combined with the shipping costs.

Tracking numbers do not sync from Dashboard to Shopify

At the beginning of 2023, Shopify released a new version of its API that changed how order fulfillment is handled. Zonos updated the Zonos Duty and Tax app to ensure its compatibility with Shopify's new API.

You must update the Zonos Duty and Tax app in Shopify to implement the update that Zonos made. If you do not update the app, shipment tracking between Dashboard and your store will stop functioning until the app is updated. To update your app:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Click on Zonos Duty and Tax app.
  4. At the top of the page, click the Update Zonos Duty and Tax button.

If you do not see the Update Zonos Duty and Tax button, your app is already up-to-date.

If you are on Shopify Basic, you are unable to pick up app updates due to Zonos no longer supporting Shopify Basic accounts. You will need to upgrade to the Shopify plan to update your app. If you stay on Shopify's Basic plan, you will have to manually update the order status and tracking in Shopify when you print a label for an order in Dashboard.

Discounts are not being used in the landed cost calculation

Shopify's API does not provide visibility into which discounts are applied to an order at time of checkout. As a result, we are only able to calculate landed cost for the original order amount, without discounts. As a workaround, we can calculate a new landed cost amount when an order with a discount syncs into our system and can automatically refund the difference back to the customer. While not entirely ideal, this avoids your shoppers from being overcharged on landed cost for orders that have discounts applied.

This feature is currently disabled by default and opt-in only. To enable our workaround for Shopify orders with discounts, please contact Zonos Support.

Customer notes are missing on orders in Shopify

Zonos adds a note to Shopify orders with the duty and tax summary. However, if you allow your customers to leave you notes in the checkout, their notes appear in the same section of the Shopify order page, and can be overwritten by Zonos' summary. To stop Zonos from leaving a note in that section:

  1. Go to Shopify -> Apps -> Zonos Duty and Tax.
  2. Under the Settings section, check the box next to Hide duty and tax breakdown.

Hiding the duty and tax breakdown will not affect what your customers see at the checkout. Even with this hidden, a breakdown of our calculation will still be available in the Additional details section of the order page in Shopify.

The prices in the breakdown of shipping vs. duties and taxes are incorrect

The breakdown of shipping costs and duties and taxes in the checkout process is displayed as fixed text, meaning you can't change the currencies shown. If you have currency conversion enabled on your website, this can make the breakdown appear different from the total.

However, the prices themselves are correct; they are just displayed in different currencies. The breakdown in fixed text will be shown in your store's base currency, while the total for the shipping service may convert the currencies to match your shopper's currency.

If you are a retailer using the Shopify Plus plan, you can customize the layout of your checkout to solve this issue. With Shopify Plus, you can move the duties and taxes out of the combined shipping cost and display them separately in the order summary. By doing this, all prices will be in recognized fields, ensuring that they convert to the same currency.

The total in the checkout is more than the line items

If you have both Shopify and Zonos calculating taxes during the checkout process, you may notice that the total amount displayed in the checkout can be higher than the combined cost of individual items listed in the order summary. To prevent overcharging your customers, it's important to ensure that only one of these platforms includes tax calculations.

To determine if Shopify is providing tax calculations, you can check the settings in your Shopify account. Navigate to Shopify -> Settings -> Taxes and duties. Under the column labeled Collecting, you will find a list of countries for which Shopify is calculating taxes separately from Zonos. You can make changes to these settings by clicking on the respective country in your Shopify account.

Credit card payments showing as Cash on Delivery (COD) in Shopify order

This may occur on one of our legacy products, Shopify Checkout.

If you do not want to offer Cash on Delivery, adjust your “Manual payment methods” in Shopify -> Settings -> Payments.

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