Mock checkout


Mock checkout

Create test carts to test your integration.

The Mock Checkout feature within Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily create example carts that you can use to debug your integration, create test orders, or manually place orders.

To access Mock Checkout, log in to your Dashboard and go to Orders -> Mock checkout.

The mock checkout prefills your cart and items with high-quality, realistic-looking test data. If you do not want to use the test data, erase it and fill in your desired information.

Helpful graphic that shows the mock checkout features within Zonos

Add items to the cart 

Click add item to add a new item to your mock checkout. You can add as many items as you'd like.

Editing ship-to 

You can edit the ship-to name, company, email, and address under the Shipping Information card.

API request body 

On the right-hand side of the mock checkout, you can see the API request JSON body used to create your cart. You and Zonos can use this to debug your Checkout API integration.

Generate a checkout 

When you are satisfied with how your cart looks, click the blue Generate checkout button on the right, which will take you to your hosted Checkout page.

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