Create a label


Create a label

Learn how to create shipping labels in Dashboard.

In order to qualify for our Landed Cost guarantee, you are typically required to print labels out of Dashboard.

Create labels with and without orders 

There are two ways to create a label in Dashboard. You can create one for an order, and you can create one without an order. Follow the steps below depending on the option you choose.

Create label for an order
Create label without an order
  1. In Dashboard, click Orders.
  2. Click the order that you need to create the label for.
  3. Click Create label.
  4. Verify the ship-from and ship-to address, package, and item details are accurate.
    1. If you need to add a second label, you can do so by clicking Add package next to the packages dropdown.
  5. Confirm the service level or change the service level.
    1. You can only select service levels that are valid for a carrier based on the shipment details that you confirmed for the shipment.
  6. Select the label format and size you wish to generate in the top right corner.
    1. Zonos supports PDF and ZPL as well as 4x6 and 4x8 options as those are universally accepted for the carriers we can generate labels for.
  7. Click Create label.

Creating labels for multiple orders 

To create labels for multiple orders, please follow the instructions in this guide.

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