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Enable Zonos in the Intuitive Shipping app.

Intuitive Shipping is an app that makes it easy to manage shipping for your online store, even when you have complex shipping conditions, such as orders that ship from multiple origins. It uses customizable shipping rules, known as "scenarios," to ensure accurate shipping costs and efficient delivery management. The app is available on both Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

Having integrated Zonos as a partner, Intuitive Shipping now offers a comprehensive solution for calculating the full cost of international shipments. With Zonos enabled in the app, you not only get shipping costs you can rely on, but also guaranteed duties, taxes, and fees for a completely accurate total cost.

In addition to landed costs, Intuitive Shipping also integrated Zonos Classify to provide HS code classifications for all of your products. New products added to your Shopify or BigCommerce store will be automatically classified upon listing creation.

Packing capabilities 

Intuitive Shipping supports multiple packing algorithms to accurately calculate your shipping costs. Their capabilities include:

  • Smartboxing™
  • Volume-based shipping rates
  • Weight-based shipping rates
  • Points-based shipping rates
  • Quantity-based shipping rates
  • Total-based shipping rates
  • Product-specific shipping rates
  • Multi-origin shipping rates
  • Advanced shipping rate blending
  • Price rounding

Mix and match over 40 conditions to control what rates appear at checkout and why. Book a demo with Intuitive Shipping to learn more.


Zonos is already integrated into the Intuitive Shipping app. Follow these steps to install Intuitive Shipping, set up your Zonos account, and start getting duties, taxes, and fees along with your shipping costs in checkout.


Get started

Start by completing our sign-up form. Once we have your account agreement in place, our onboarding team will walk you through the setup process.


Set up your account

Within 24 hours of signing up, a dedicated onboarding representative will contact you to kick off a tailored integration process. Part of the integration process is setting up your Zonos account in Dashboard. All account setup steps are listed here, although you may not need to complete each one.

For this integration specifically, you are only required to:

  • Verify billing and payment options
  • Add landed cost settings
  • Add your tax IDs (or have us enable our guarantee to use ours)
  • Set up shipping carriers and service levels

Important: The steps in this guide are for your reference and you will be guided through them by your onboarding representative.


Install the Intuitive Shipping app

Install the Intuitive Shipping app on the Shopify App Store or BigCommerce marketplace. Follow Intuitive Shipping's setup guide to set up your shipping services and rules, then return here to complete the setup.

Support: Intuitive Shipping provides one-on-one onboarding to help you set up your shipping scenarios.


Connect your Zonos account to Intuitive Shipping

To connect your Zonos account to Intuitive Shipping:

  1. In your Intuitive Shipping admin, go to Settings -> Partner integrations.
  2. Click Enable integration.
  3. Add integration credentials.
    1. Open a new window and go to Dashboard -> Integrations.
    2. Copy your Rest API Key.
    3. Go back to your Intuitive Shipping window and paste your Rest API Key as the Zonos API Key.
  4. Optional— Click Classify product catalog to get HS code classifications for all of your products. Zonos will classify your products and store their HS codes in the Intuitive Shipping catalog.
  5. Click Save.

Enable Zonos in your shipping scenarios

Enable Zonos in each shipping scenario where you want duties, taxes, and fees to be included with your shipping quote. To enable Zonos:

  1. In your Intuitive Shipping admin, go to Shipping -> Scenarios.
  2. Edit each scenario that you want Zonos to quote duties, taxes, and fees on. In most cases, this will be all of your international scenarios.
  3. Scroll to the Zonos Duty and Tax section and select Enabled.
  4. Click Save.

When you complete this step, Zonos will be live and quoting on your site. Be sure to test before leaving Zonos enabled.

Test mode: Each scenario can be placed in test mode. If the scenario is not already live on your site (such as if you are waiting to enable international scenarios until Zonos is enabled), you can leave the scenario in test mode until you are ready to go live.



Now that you have Zonos enabled in the Intuitive shipping app, test to ensure everything is working properly.

Test the checkout

Go through the checkout process to ensure your shipping costs now include duties, taxes, and fees.

  1. Add item(s) to your cart. We recommend using a higher value (above the de minimis) to ensure that duties and taxes will be due for the order.
  2. Click Checkout.
  3. Add an international address to your checkout.
  4. Click Continue to shipping.

If set up correctly, you will see Zonos quotes (including duties and taxes) in your shipping methods offered.

Test an order

Place a test order on your site and follow it through your systems for fulfillment, label printing, and finances to ensure there are no conflicts with your processes. If you are using our guarantee, follow the steps below to confirm that you can print guarantee-compatible shipping labels.

Print labels from Zonos
Print your labels outside of Zonos

Labels printed from Zonos Dashboard automatically include the logic to be compatible with our guarantee. If you plan to print your international shipping labels in Dashboard, follow these steps to ensure they generate successfully.

  1. Confirm labels will generate successfully by printing a label. If you have multiple carriers enabled, print a label for each carrier. You can void your label after printing it, then use the same order to test more carriers' labels.
    1. If you receive an error when printing a label in Dashboard, learn how to resolve label errors.
  2. Once tested, void the label, then cancel and refund your test order.

Update tracking

Currently, order changes do not automatically sync to your ecommerce platform. When you print labels from Dashboard, you will need to:

Missing tracking: If tracking is not added to the ecommerce platform, the order will remain open in your ecommerce platform and your customer will not get a shipment tracking email.


Here's how your experience will change when Zonos is enabled in the Intuitive Shipping app.

Duties, taxes, and fees

Your shopper will see duties, taxes, and fees when applicable.

  • These will be collected during the checkout when the shipping service level supports pre-paid duties and taxes.
  • When the shipping service level does not support pre-paid duties and taxes, your shopper will see an estimate for these costs that will be due at delivery.
  • When the order contains multiple shipments and one shipment does not allow prepayment of duties and taxes, while the other does, Intuitive Shipping will blend the prepaid duties and taxes with the shipping cost and show the estimated duties and taxes that will still be due separately.
  • When no duties or taxes apply to the shipment, your shopper will see that no duties or taxes are due.

Multi-origin shipments

Sometimes, a shopper orders items with different shipping scenarios in the same order. Intuitive Shipping will blend the shipping and landed costs according to your rate blending preferences in your Intuitive Shipping settings.

  • When all scenarios use the same shipping service level, Intuitive Shipping will get a rating for a single shipment. Duties, taxes, and fees will be calculated on that single shipment.
  • When items in the same order come from different warehouses (even different countries), or if different shipping service levels are used, Intuitive Shipping will send each shipment to Zonos as a separate order. Each order will have its own calculation for duties, taxes and fees. These split shipment orders are still eligible for our guarantee.

Not supported: Split shipments where only one shipment uses Zonos is not currently supported. This may happen with orders with items coming from both a domestic warehouse and an international warehouse.


Billing differs depending on if you use our landed cost guarantee or not.

  • When using Zonos' guarantee, the carrier will bill Zonos directly for the duties, taxes, and fees. In doing so, we will take on any differences between our calculations and what customs charges, making the cost we quote at checkout guaranteed. Zonos will bill you exactly what was quoted in the checkout and pay the carrier on your behalf. Zonos will also remit taxes for you when low value tax schemes apply.
  • When not using our guarantee, Zonos will not collect the duties, taxes, and fees collected in the checkout. In most cases, the carrier will bill you for these costs, and you will pay from the amount that was collected from the shopper in the checkout.

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