Hiding welcome mat


Hide Shopify's welcome mat

Disable the Geolocation app to avoid conflicts.

When setting your Shopify store up to ship internationally, it automatically installs Shopify's welcome mat via their Geolocation app. This conflicts with Zonos Hello, so you may find it useful to turn the Shopify version off.

From within Shopify: 


Edit 'International' zone settings

  1. Go to "Settings" -> Markets.
  2. In the "Other markets" section, click "Preferences".
Shopify markets settings

Access 'Geolocation' app settings

  1. On this page, you will see "Geolocation app installed".
  2. Click "Go to app". You will be taken to the settings for the Geolocation app.
Go to app

Disable Shopify welcome mat

  1. On the left, uncheck "Show recommendations".
  2. Click "Save" on the top-right.
Disable recommendations

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