Eu vat ioss settings


EU VAT IOSS settings

Learn how to activate Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS).

Learn how to activate Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) for your store by adding your EU IOSS VAT number in Zonos Dashboard.

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This is not required. Learn more about EU VAT.

Manage settings 


Add your EU IOSS VAT number

To add your EU VAT IOSS number in Zonos Dashboard go to Settings -> Tax IDs, and select European Union from the country dropdown.

Clicking Add will give you a pop-up dialog (shown below) that will allow you to fill in your EU VAT IOSS number and details.

Hitting Save will add your EU IOSS VAT number to Dashboard.


Edit your EU IOSS VAT number

If you need to edit your EU VAT IOSS number, go to Settings -> Tax IDs section, and select Edit next to your European Union IOSS VAT number information under the Tax IDs heading.

Note: VAT and duty will still be collected on high-value orders (over €150) if your store is set to pre-collect duties and taxes. You will need to ship these orders with duties and taxes prepaid (Delivered Duty Paid - DDP/Duties and Taxes Paid - DTP) and bill the duties and taxes back to yourself. Since the carriers will be facilitating the tax remittance for your high-value orders through the DDP process, do not include taxes from these orders when you remit your taxes monthly via IOSS. IOSS is only meant for low-value (less than €150) orders.

Frequently asked questions 

Why should I add my EU VAT IOSS number in Zonos Dashboard?

Although there are three methods for handling low-value orders and collecting EU VAT, these settings apply to the IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop) method of VAT collection specifically, and you can expect the following:

  1. You must register for a VAT number in an EU member country
  2. VAT will be calculated and collected on all low-value orders. These orders are not subject to duty.
  3. You will retain the money collected in VAT for these low-value orders, which you will remit later.
  4. Ship these orders with your IOSS number on the commercial invoice which will let customs know that VAT has been collected and to let the package clear.
  5. Each month, file your taxes with your IOSS number to remit the EU VAT collected on your low-value orders.

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