Checkout errors


Checkout errors

Resolve errors in Checkout.

When integrating with Zonos Checkout, you may encounter errors that you need to troubleshoot. This page outlines the possible errors on the checekout page and when using PayPal, what they mean, and how to resolve them.

Errors on the checkout page 

ErrorNext Steps
We're sorry, your order did not go through. Please check your payment details and try again. Your card does not support this type of purchase.This error means the credit card did not process and requires additional steps or may have cross-border restrictions. Stripe has details to resolve this error.
The Worldwide Economy shipment must be single-piece onlyUPS Worldwide Economy shipping does not support multi-piece shipments (multiple boxes for the same order). You can either have the shopper make multiple orders or choose another service level that does support multi-piece shipments so the order can go through.

Issues when using PayPal 

IssueNext Steps
The customer is not able to change the currency once redirected to PayPal to authorize the payment.This is a limitation of PayPal. Either you or your shopper can contact PayPal to resolve this.
The PayPal button was used through Zonos Checkout, but the order is not populating in your ecommerce platform or within Dashboard.There are a few reasons why this error may occur:
1. A test order was placed through PayPal.
2. Information entered into PayPal was not accurate or complete.
Example: If the shopper entered an incorrect address or hit "Enter" too early.

In both cases, PayPal will only authorize the transaction, but will not capture payment. While the payment is authorized but not yet captured, PayPal will hold the funds for up to five business days. When the payment does not capture, these funds will be released back to the shopper. The order will not complete, so it will not appear in Dashboard.

Resolution: Enter the order again, with complete and accurate information. Do not use PayPal for test orders - use Zonos Payments instead.

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