Orders with inclusive prices


Orders with inclusive prices

Learn how to understand orders that used inclusive pricing.

When you use inclusive pricing, duties, taxes, and fees are built into your product prices so that they don't appear as extra costs in the checkout. This strategy works best when all products in the order use inclusive pricing, but mixed orders are also supported. Zonos also ensures that when inclusive pricing is used, the correct product price (without these costs built in) appears on the customs documents.

Order breakdown 

The breakdown on the order page makes it clear when an order used inclusive pricing. Items with inclusive prices have a badge indicator and include a breakdown of the duties, taxes, and fees built into the product price. These duties, taxes, and fees are integrated within the product details instead of listed as a separate line item, mimicking what your customer saw when they ordered on your site.

Mixed orders look a little different from orders where each product already includes the duties, taxes, and fees. Ideally, all products in an order use inclusive pricing so that there are no extra costs in the checkout.

All products have inclusive prices
Mixed orders

When all items in the order used inclusive pricing:

  • Each item has an Inclusive pricing badge.
  • When you click on an item and toggle to Pricing, you can see the original product price as well as the duties, taxes, and fees that we added to get to the inclusive price.
  • If you have added a markup or subsidy to the included duties, taxes, or fees, the markup appears with our original calculation crossed out. Click on the icon next to the crossed out value to view an explanation of the change.
  • There is no separate line item for duties, taxes, and fees, since no additional import costs were charged separately at checkout.


Item information on customs forms 

While the product price on the order page is the inclusive price to best match what the customer saw at checkout, the commerical invoice must show the exclusive product prices. When you print your shipping labels from Dashboard, we display the exclusive product price on the commerical invoice, as customs expects.

If you print your labels outside of Dashboard, reach out to our support team to see if we can integrate our Labels API into your shipping platform. This will ensure the correct values are displayed on the commercial invoices.

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