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Calculate a Landed Cost in Dashboard

Learn how to get quick and accurate landed cost quotes in Dashboard

Quoter allows your team to produce shipping, duty, and tax quotes directly from Zonos Dashboard.

Quoter is built using the public-facing Zonos APIs, including, Landed Cost, Classify, and Shipment Rating. Using Quoter is a great way to see how our APIs work, including the JSON response from the API. These APIs provide rich responses with details on all applicable duties and taxes.

Using Quoter 

Quoter gives users the abilty to get a landed cost quote with a shipment rating included, create a landed cost quote with a known shipping rate, or create landed cost quotes in bulk. Follow the instructions below for each flow.


If you know the service level and cost for a shipment, you will use the manual calculation flow.

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Orders -> Quotes.
  2. Click New quote -> Manual.
  3. Select a Ship from country from the dropdown.
  4. Select a Destination country from the dropdown. 1.
  5. Add the item details for the shipment.
    1. You can enter a description and allow Classify to determine the HS code or you can enter the HS code if you know it.
    2. If you need to update the country of origin, you will click the icon next to the items field.
  6. Enter the shipping amount.
    1. The service level is optional; adding the service level will allow us to calculate applicable carrier fees.
  7. Confirm the currency code, sale type, and duty method.
  8. Click Get quote.

At this point, you wull be taken to the quote detail page. This quote will also be available on the quotes page for future reference.

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