Navigate your global trade regulations with Restrict.

Zonos Restrict is a powerful tool designed to help users identify items in their shipments that may be restricted from export or import by the destination country. Using this tool, you can verify if your items comply with the regulations set by government agencies. This is crucial as non-compliance can lead to financial penalties.

Restrict capabilities 

Restrict is designed to assist in the compliance of international shipping by analyzing various factors such as HS codes and country data for shipped items. Its primary feature is applying restrictions based on an item's country of origin, ship from and ship to countries, and HS code. Restrict accepts HS codes of any length— 2-digit, 4-digit, universal (6-digit), and country-specific (8+ digits). Based on these input values, Restrict will return any prohibitions, restrictions, or observations related to these items.

Restrict response

In response to each Restrict request, the following values will be returned:

Applies toSummarizes what the restriction applies to. Learn more below.
Control summarySummarizes an overview of the restriction and action items. Learn more below.
Control typeWhether the restriction is an import or export restriction.
Ends atThe date when the restriction ceases to be effective.
HS codeThe specific HS code that the restriction pertains to.
NoteThe complete text of the restriction.
SourceThe source of the restriction.
Starts atThe date when the restriction comes into effect.
TypeTells you what the restriction type is, options are prohibition, restriction, or observation.

Restriction summaries 

Recognizing the complexity in navigating lengthy restriction notes, we've introduced two concise summary features to enhance the ease of understanding and navigating the extensive restriction notes associated with HS code and country combinations. These notes, crucial for identifying trade restrictions and compliance requirements, were previously long and complex. The new features aim to save users time and ensure clarity in compliance adherence, leading to smoother trade processes.

appliesTo summary: This feature targets the immediate identification of the restriction's scope. It succinctly categorizes the restriction, such as indicating if it applies to specific items like "firearms." This summary allows users to quickly determine the applicability of a restriction to their shipment.

controlSummary: Complementing the first summary, this feature provides a brief yet comprehensive overview of the restriction. It focuses on highlighting critical compliance requirements, such as necessary permits and procedural steps. For instance, it might specify the need for a CITES permit for certain exports or imports, coupled with the requirement of a customs permit through platforms like TradeNet.


  • Restrict does not identify restricted items based on their description or service level.
  • Restrict does not account for merchant-specific shipping restrictions.
  • Restrict is available for API integrations and in Dashboard but not as a plugin option.

Data sources 

Zonos gathers data from various authoritative sources such as government websites, trade organizations, and more. Our dedicated Decoder team stays abreast of global trade developments to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our restriction data.

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