Classifying items


Classifying items

Learn how to request a classification in Dashboard and via API.

Below you'll find examples illustrating how to request universal and country-specific classifications through Dashboard or via API. For those seeking more comprehensive technical details and extensive documentation, visit our Zonos GraphQL API reference developer site. This comprehensive resource offers detailed insights into API endpoints, GraphQL mutations, and extensive technical information.

Request a classification 

To request a classification in Dashboard or via API, follow the steps and mutation below.


To request a universal (6-digit) code, leave the destination country empty. To request a country-specific (8+ digit code), provide a destination country.

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Products -> Classify.
  2. Describe your item.
  3. Optional—Add additional product detail fields, such as an image, category, material, provided HS code, and additional details.
  4. OptionalSelect your destination country.
  5. Click Classify.
  6. Review your classification response, including the HS code, tariff schedule description, and confidence score.

To request a bulk classification in Dashboard, follow these steps.

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