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All Zonos customers that pay the Zonos Platform fee get 10,000 advanced classifications a year. If you pay for Zonos Landed Cost, classifications are included to generate calculations, but will not be returned to the user to stored for other purposes.

Trial account 

With a trial Zonos account, you receive 1,000 free classifications via single request in Dashboard. The intended purposes of a trial account include trying out Classify, testing accuracy before making a purchase, individual use (such as research), and providing free classifications for small businesses.

Classify features 

Regardless of your tier, Classify's single request tool in Dashboard provides access to all features listed under the Advanced column below.

Depending on your tier, the following features are available through our bulk Classify tool in Dashboard or via API, which includes both single and bulk requests.

Features by pricing tier

Individual classification
Bulk classification
Universal (6-digit) codes
Country-specific (8+ digit) codes
Translation support
Classify alternates
Tariff schedule breakdown
Display names
Confidence scores
Duty rates
AI-generated customs descriptions
Audit trails*
Manual audit and review
Premium support

* Audit trails coming soon.

Learn more about Classify's features.


Classify is an annual subscription, billed annually. The number of included classifications reset upon renewal.

No matter which tier you are on, the 10,000 free advanced classifications included in the Zonos Platform fee are provided in addition to the classifications allocated in your chosen tier.

Pricing for Standard, Advanced, and Premium

Annual classificationsAnnual subscriptionCost per classification
100,0002,500 USD (209 USD per month)As low as 0.025 USD per classification
250,0005,000 USD (417 USD per month)As low as 0.020 USD per classification
450,0007,500 USD (625 USD per month)As low as 0.017 USD per classification
750,00010,000 USD (834 USD per month)As low as 0.013 USD per classification
1,500,00015,000 USD (1,250 USD per month)As low as 0.010 USD per classification
3,500,00020,000 USD (1,667 USD per month)As low as 0.006 USD per classification
6,500,00025,000 USD (2,083 USD per month)As low as 0.004 USD per classification
Beyond 6,500,000.15 USD per classification

Additional pricing for Premium

  • Manual audit and review

    • This is only available with a premium plan. Learn more about our manual audit and review process. Audits beyond our standard premium offering can be purchased at 1 USD per request with a minimum of 100 USD.
  • Premium support

    • Pricing depends on your needs and is quoted by our Sales team. Premium support is a minimum of 12,000 USD per year (1,000 USD per month).

Important: Our Standard and Advanced plans include Customer Service, although it's important to note that our Customer Service team is not comprised of in-house classification experts.

Landed Cost classifications 

If you use Landed Cost, auto-classifications are included when an HS code is not provided to Zonos. HS codes are available at no additional charge and are needed to calculate accurate duty and tax charges. For completed orders, Zonos Clear provides the HS code on the shipping label for customs paperwork when processing a shipment inside Dashboard, but the ability to retrieve your classifications by calling the API or using Dashboard will not be enabled (only available through a Classify subscription). If you don’t ship in Dashboard, you can call the API.

Check call volume 


You can easily monitor your monthly and annual Classify usage in Dashboard by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Products -> Classify.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. View your monthly and annual usage along with your renewal date.
    Classify usage

Frequently asked questions 

Do I still get my included 10,000 classifications if I sign up for Zonos Classify?

Yes. For example, the 5,000 USD Standard plan provides 250,000 classifications + the 10,000 Platform classifications, totaling 260,000 classifications.

Can Zonos change my tier depending on volume throughout the year?

No. If you exceed your allotted volume you will be charged the additional amount per classification. We recommend that you subscribe to a plan that best fits your needs as we are currently unable to change your subscription until it is time for renewal.

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