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Explore how Zonos Classify utilizes ChatGPT to provide clear and concise explanations for each HS code, ensuring compliance and boosting user confidence.

Audit trail breakdown 

Classify's audit trails, powered by the advanced language understanding capabilities of ChatGPT, are designed to provide Classify Premium users with clear and concise explanations for each assigned HS code. By delivering comprehensive rationales for classifications, these AI-generated audit trails enhance the transparency and reliability of Classify, offering users insight into the reasoning behind each selected code.

Here are a few examples of product descriptions, along with their respective classifications and audit trails:

Example 1
Example 1
DescriptionSOS Takoyaki Chef Tako (1.5L)
HS code2103.90
Audit trailAssuming SOS TAKOYAKI CHEF TAKO (1.5L) is a sauce used for preparing takoyaki, a Japanese dish made of octopus, it would be classified as a sauce or preparation for culinary purposes. Based on the ingredients and purpose, the appropriate HS code for this product would be 2103.90. Note that this classification assumes the product is a sauce and not a different type of takoyaki-related product.
Example 2
Example 2
DescriptionP License Sticker for Cars & Motor, Pelekat P license Kereta & Motor
HS code4911.99
Audit trailAssuming the P License Sticker for Cars & Motor is a self-adhesive sticker made of plastic, used to indicate a provisional driver's license status on a vehicle, the classification falls under the category of printed matter. The appropriate HS code for this item would be 4911.99, which covers other printed matter, including printed pictures and photographs, not elsewhere specified or included.

Use cases and benefits 

These audit trails serve a variety of use cases, including ensuring compliance, internal reviewing, and customs inspections. For instance, if a Classify user receives a query from customs authorities regarding a specific product classification, they can reference the audit trail to provide evidence to support Classify's HS code, avoiding potential files or delays.

Access to audit trails offers Classify Premium users several key advantages:

  • Enhanced transparency: Audit trails provide clear rationales for HS codes, empowering users to make informed decisions.

  • Increased confidence: Detailed explanations boost user confidence in the accuracy and reliability of Classify.

  • Compliance assurance: Audit trails help users maintain compliance with trade regulations, reducing the risk of penalties.

  • Streamlined communication: Clear classification explanations facilitate communication with clients, customers, and regulatory authorities.

With the audit trail information readily available, users can confidently address any queries or concerns related to their selected HS codes and maintain compliance with trade regulations.

Accessing audit trails 

Audit trails are available to Classify Premium customers via the Classify API and in bulk Classify in Dashboard. To access and retrieve an audit trail for a classification, follow these steps:

Via API: Include the auditTrail parameter in your API request to receive audit trail information alongside the assigned HS code in the response.

Dashboard: As a Classify Premium customer, you will automatically receive audit trails for each classification in your bulk results. Reference the "Audit trail" column in the classification results CSV, which displays the audit trail information for each classified product.

Rate limits 

When requesting audit trails, you can expect an impact on throughput. Audit trails will have an impact on both response latency and the throughput of Classify. These rate limits affect the number of audit trails that can be generated within a given time frame and may impact response times. Users should adjust their expectations and request frequency accordingly to avoid exceeding rate limits and ensure the efficient generation of audit trails.

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