Check api call volume


Check API call volume

Find out how many API calls your account has made.

Discovering the volume of API calls made within a specific month is crucial for tracking usage and managing resources effectively. By accessing your monthly invoice details, you can easily identify the number of API calls executed during a past month, including specific dates, Landed Cost API calls, classifications, and any additional calls beyond your subscription limit. Additionally, monitoring the number of classification requests in the current month can be conveniently done on the Classify page, displaying your usage for the month, annual usage, and renewal date.

Check API call volume by month 

The number of API calls in any past month can be found in the invoice details on your monthly invoice.

Steps to view API calls


If you prefer, view step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

  1. Log in to Dashboard -> Billing -> Invoices.

  2. Select the invoice with the time frame you are interested in.

    1. An invoice with an invoice date of Nov 1, 2022 will show the number of API calls made during the previous month, Oct 2022. The exact dates included will be stated on the invoice’s memo.
  3. On the invoice page, click on the arrow next to the invoice number to view more details.

  4. Click View invoice details.

The number of API calls during that month is viewable in the memo and the itemized section of the invoice.

  • The total number of Landed Cost API calls is highlighted in green below.
  • The date range during which those calls were placed is highlighted in yellow below.
  • The number of classifications is highlighted in blue below.
  • The number of additional API calls above your subscription’s allowed amount is highlighted in orange below.

Note: API invoices are generated monthly. You may see an invoice entry in the middle of the month - this could be for setup costs if you started in the middle of a month. Invoices for just setup costs won't list any number of API calls on the invoice.

Check current month's volume 

If the current month hasn't ended and you wish to check your API call volume status, please refer to the instructions below based on the product you are using.

Landed Cost API calls

If you want to see the number of Landed Cost API calls in a current month, before your monthly invoice is generated, reach out to support. They can connect with our accounting team to provide a current number.

Classify calls

To view the number of classification requests you have made in the current month, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Dashboard -> Classify.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see your current month's usage, along with your annual usage and your renewal date.

Once the month ends, the usage will be recorded in your monthly invoices. The current month's usage will display here.

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