Customs invoice


Customs invoice for consignee

Collect payment for customs fees from consignees.

Zonos Collect is a hosted invoice page that provides a secure, private URL where your consignees can:

  • View the details, amounts, and status of the invoice.
  • Pay the invoice using any of the enabled payment methods.
  • Download PDF copies of the invoice and receipt.

Zonos assigns all invoices a unique URL that you can send to the consignee. The URL appears as a payment link in invoice emails and the footer of invoice PDFs. Stripe hosts the page and allows you to securely collect payments without any additional implementation code.


Notify consignees via email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications to request payment for a customs invoice. Notifications are sent automatically when you create an invoice. You can also send notifications manually from the Dashboard. Collect sends a branded email and SMS notification to a consignee for payment.

Email notification
SMS notification
Email notification

Zonos generates a unique hosted URL when each invoice is created and sent. This URL includes a secure, long, and random identifier. Invoice URLs expire 30 days after the due date or earlier if the shipment is abandoned. When a URL expires, the page will no longer load. However, invoiced consignees will be redirected to a page stating that the URL has expired, advising them why and who to contact.

Completing payment 

When completing the payment of an invoice, consignees can choose from a variety of payment methods. In Europe, the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation requires customers to confirm their payment with 3D Secure (3DS). In this case, the hosted invoice page displays the payment confirmation modal to your customer.

Contact information 

The contact information you provided upon setting up your account will be displayed to the consignee. Your company name, address, phone number, contact email, and website will be shown on the Clear and Collect invoice, receipt, and emails.

The sender of the shipment can be displayed on the customs invoice if you provide the sender's contact information at the time of invoice creation.

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