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Zonos Classify simple, fast, automated catalog harmonizization Classify

Automate HS code classifications

Classify your catalog easily with keywords or an image.

Simple, fast, and accurate HS and HTS code classification with our Classify API or HTS lookup tool.

A new, revolutionary way to harmonize your entire catalog including an online lookup tool and bulk upload classification!

Our technology is powered by
  • machine learning
  • image recognition
  • NLP (natural language processing)

…all backed by a team of in-house global trade experts.

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2022 Harmonized System (HS) updates; what you need to know.

HTS code classification software

Classify your products 3 ways

HS code finder

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Online HS lookup tool Free HS code classifications

Classify your items with just a description or image! Perfect for when you need a quick HTS code for an item shipment or customs quote. Get accurate HS codes immediately.

By default, Classify will return a HS6 code. However, if you add a ship-to country, Classify will return HS8-HS10+ codes with country-specific tariffs.

Ideal for: Shipping and quoting departments needing quick one-off HS classifications. First 5 classifications free!
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Bulk upload classification

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Ideal for: Shipping and quoting departments needing multiple HS classifications. Get a demo
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HS Code lookup API

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HS code lookup API

Classify API returns an HS6-HS10+ harmonized tariff code for each product submitted, allowing you to dynamically harmonize your catalog. This API can be used prior to or during the checkout process.

Ideal for: Anyone with a large catalog of products that is changing regularly. The Classify API allows you to constantly retrieve and update your system with accurate HTS codes. Learn more
HS and HTS classification via our Classify API
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What is an HS Code?







Tariff item


Class #


A harmonized code, or HS code, is an internationally recognized “part number” used by over 180 countries, to help quickly identify products so taxes can be calculated as they pass through customs.


Why do I need HS codes?

HS codes are critical for:

  • accurate duty and tax calculations

Inaccurate/missing HS codes on commercial invoices may lead to:

  • customs delays
  • duty and tax amounts changing at customs due to arbitrarily assigned HS codes

If customs, rather than you, assigns HS codes to your imports:

  • the duty and tax charges they come up with may be different than yours
  • this leads to potential discrepancies with what you charged
  • these discrepancies lead to budget and accounting issues

Zonos has reinvented HS code classification

Standard HS code classification has always been a manual process, making it expensive, time consuming, and inaccurate. Humans and other classification programs only get HS codes right 7/10 times. Zonos is changing the industry with our machine learning classification tool that generates instant, accurate results.

Classify icon FAQs

How Does Zonos Classify work?

Zonos Classify uses keywords for your products, such as item description, brand, and color to search for the most appropriate HS code. Image recognition and machine learning can also be used for even better results.

What is the Harmonized System (HS)?

The Harmonized System (HS) is what’s used to classify cross-border goods for global trade. More than 200 countries and economics use the HS as a basis for their Customs tariffs and the collection of international trade statistics.

What is the difference between HS and HTS codes?

The difference between HS and HTS codes is the number of digits within the code. A code with six digits is the universal standard as part of the HS (Harmonized System, Harmonized Tariff System) code whereas a code with 7-10 digits is determined by the country of import and is considered the HTS code.

Are HS codes required for landed cost calculation?

No, HS codes are not required; however, landed cost calculations will be more precise and accurate if the products are properly classified to the sixth-digit HS or eighth-digit HTS tariff-level code.

Who is Zonos Classify designed for?

Classify can be used for a variety of use cases, including:

  • ecommerce companies that ship internationally
  • ecommerce platforms
  • online marketplaces
  • customs brokers
  • logistics providers with shipping platforms or APIs
  • government customs agencies
  • shipping software platforms