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Zonos Classify

HS code classification

Can you say “game-changer”? Automation with image recognition is here! Zonos Classify generates HS codes for your whole product catalog automagically! Harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) codes included.

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Zonos takes the load off international ecommerce

Zonos takes the in-office load off of international ecommerce. Amazing product
and even more amazing customer service…every issue is resolved quickly.

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Easily match products with image recognition

Classification is now a simple walk in the park. Just upload a product image, and Classify will work its robot wizardry to return an HS code. Mind = Blown!

Presenting Zonos Classify! Classify HS HTS codes automatically!

Zonos Classify

Automatically generate harmonized codes for product catalogs

Classify features
  • On-demand classification
  • Advanced image recognition
  • UPC code lookup
  • HTS country code support
Ideal for: anyone needing to classify cross-border goods

Classify API

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There for us every step of the way

The Zonos team was extremely helpful and there for us every step of the way… If you are in need of a painless international shipping/duties solution for your business, Zonos may be the right fit for you.

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Get accurate harmonized codes in a snap

Classify supports harmonized tariff codes for destination country-level classification for 217 different countries to further improve accuracy with landed cost calculations. Get it done with our HS, HTS code API.

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Absolutely outstanding team

Zonos’ suite of products are very well thought through with the customer (end user) and client (business owner) in mind. The level of support we get from their team is absolutely outstanding.

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Integrate our HS code lookup API

Classify is our next evolution API that opens the door for anyone looking to simplify global trade. By using advanced technology, Zonos is dedicated to streamlining the HS classification process and removing the barriers of cross-border commerce.

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Zonos staff is very attentive and quick

Zonos is very attentive and works quickly as well.
The staff is incredibly receptive.

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Improve your international shipping process

Our team of Zonos Decoders is committed to making cross-border easy for anyone. Let us help you create faster customs clearance and a better overall international experience.

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Bravo, meets my needs perfectly

Meets my needs perfectly…Bravo for all their hard work and
assistance, they’re truly a dedicated team.

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How does Zonos Classify work?

Zonos Classify uses keywords for your products, such as item description, brand, color to search for the most appropriate HS code. Image recognition and machine learning can also be used for even better results.

What is the Harmonized System (HS)?

The Harmonized System (HS) is what’s used to classify cross-border goods for global trade. More than 200 countries and economics use the HS as a basis for their Customs tariffs and the collection of international trade statistics.

What is the difference between HS and HTS codes?

The difference between HS and HTS codes is the number of digits within the code. A code with six-digits is the universal standard as part of the HS (Harmonized System) code whereas a code with 7-10 digits is determined by the country of import and is considered the HTS code.

Are HS codes required for landed cost calculation?

No, HS codes are not required; however, landed cost calculations will be more precise and accurate if the products are properly classified to the sixth digit HS or eighth digit HTS tariff-level code.

How many languages does Zonos Classify support?

Zonos Classify supports over 100 languages.

Who is Zonos Classify designed for?

Classify can be used for a variety of use cases. This includes:

  • Ecommerce companies that ship internationally
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Online marketplaces
  • Customs brokers
  • Logistics providers with shipping platforms or APIs
  • Government customs agencies
  • Shipping software platforms

Take the pain out of duty & tax!