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Create a seamless, end-to-end DDP solution with a guaranteed landed cost

Tap into the potential of growing global markets with your own DDP shipping solutions


Zonos technology automates:

  • Landed cost calculations
  • Upfront duty, tax, and fee collection
  • HS code classifications
  • Cross-border tax law compliance and remittance
  • Order and shipment data transmission
  • Denied party and restriction screening
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Zonos technology automation
Zonos technology automation

Take DDP to the next level with Zonos

Cross-border shoppers want the visibility and convenience DDP offers, which means more orders and more packages for your customers. DDP with Zonos is more than your typical DDP solution because of our end-to-end offering and Landed Cost guarantee.

Zonos DDP

How Zonos DDP helps you:

  • More international shipments for your customers means more revenue
  • Be more competitive in the marketplace with:
    • An easy way to calculate and collect landed cost
    • A DDP solution to ship packages with prepaid duties, taxes, and fees
  • Improve cash flow
    • Ability to collect duties and taxes at the time of checkout
    • Post-shipment collections are not needed
  • Improved customs data and compliance
    • Item classification
    • Item restrictions
    • Denied party screening
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Zonos DDP

How Zonos DDP helps your customers:

  • Better experience = happier shoppers:
    • Reduced risk of delays
    • Improved cost visibility
    • Faster customs clearance
  • Higher customer lifetime value
  • Eliminate rejected packages
  • More international shipments
  • Easy cross-border tax compliance
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Unleash the power of DDP
for global market expansion

International shoppers love DDP; here’s why:

DDP vs DAPHow it works
Increased conversion

Offering a DDP solution will help your customers achieve a seamless cross-border experience for their shoppers, increasing global conversion with:

  • Cost and order transparency at checkout
  • Faster customs clearance
  • Speedier delivery
  • No additional bill on delivery
  • Book a demo
Global DDP solution
Global average rate of cart abandonmentSource: 2019 Salecycle
of customers bounce from a site because of the hidden extra costsSource: 2019 Baynard
of shoppers dropped off because they weren’t able to find or calculate the total costSource: 2019 Baynard

Why Zonos DDP?

Zonos DDP offers more

DDP with Zonos is more than your typical DDP solution because of our end-to-end offering and Landed Cost guarantee.

Why Zonos DDP?
Why Zonos DDP?

Go to market with Zonos

Improve your sales process, retain customers, and grow your cross-border volume.

Our scalable cross-border API makes it easy for you to create or improve your DDP solution
Zonos Classify

Allows you to constantly retrieve and update your system with accurate HS codes

Zonos Hello

FREE duty and tax estimator and localization tool to globalize your business

Zonos Localization

Provides you with country-specific address fields with labels

Zonos Quoter

Quickly retrieve a landed cost quote for a shipment

Zonos Restrict

Ensure you don’t sell or ship restricted items

Zonos calculate landed cost

Integrate duty and tax calculations into your current ecommerce platform

Zonos Checkout

Transform your customer buying experience with a prebuilt global checkout

Zonos Currency

Returns the current foreign exchange rate for a specific currency or country

Zonos Screen

Screen denied parties prior to shipping to ensure compliance.

Zonos Screen

Generates customs documents and data to correctly fill out customs documentation

Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee
Landed Cost Guarantee

Cross-border tax management with guaranteed landed cost accuracy

Customize with the Zonos API and integrations

Prebuilt cross-border solutions

Get your own DDP offering to market quickly with Zonos technologyWith Zonos you can:
  • Leverage our easily integrated landed cost plugins and API (GraphQL and REST)
  • Offer guaranteed landed cost calculations
  • Ensure you and your customers remain compliant
  • Collect and remit duties and taxes:
    • Get your own DDP offering to market quickly with Zonos technology
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Prebuilt cross-border solutions

Easy integration

Zonos offers:
Easy integration
Start offering DDP to your customers

What our customers are saying

Zonos 5 star review
I was really stuck trying to calculate landed cost myself on every order, so when I found Zonos, it was like I heard angels singing.-Special Reserve Games, Big Commerce
Zonos 5 star review
We’ve had more sales in 4-5 days than in the previous 2 months! I would highly recommend [Zonos] as a partner!-Furnace Part Source, BigCommerce
Zonos 5 star review
Since going live with Zonos, we have seen a definite increase in our international business.-Marco Specialties, custom API integration
Zonos 5 star review
Zonos lowered the cost of our manual processes within the sales team, along with the warehouse, while growing our revenue at the same time.-Galco, custom API integration
Zonos 5 star review
This app has really helped cut down on our order cancellations as clients can clearly see what customs fees/taxes will be required of them.-Melanie Casey Jewelry, Shopify
Zonos 5 star review
Zonos makes the process of shipping internationally super smooth for us!-Canvas Store, Shopify