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Cross-border conversion tool box
Boost your conversion rate with the right options

Conversion toolbox includes: promo codes with custom options and customized shipping rates by product or country.

Promo code support, abandoned cart recovery, shipment rating customization, variant testing, international SEO building blocks,

Less risk
more control

Going international can present difficult challenges such as incorrect shipping rates and upset shoppers when the actual costs are not shown. This leads to refused packages, major support issues and lower conversion.

Zonos Checkout™ gives your shopper the information they need and reduces your costs to manage those purchases.

Weight assimilation

Don’t know all your weights or dimensions? Zonos logic calculates it for you.

Zonos Checkout and API integrations, custom rate charts, proprietary rules engine, cartonization and multi-carrier support makes calculating cross-border shipments simple allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


(Restricted International Products)

Manage item or brand restrictions custom to your online store. Deep image recognition automatically recognizes if an item is restricted.

Restricted Items

Did you know camouflage is restricted into Barbados?

Zonos supports selling to 220 countries, and each destination may have unforeseen restrictions on items in your catalog.

Peace of mind.

Zonos Checkout experience

Manage and customize item or brand restrictions for your online store.

There is a difference between restricted and prohibited items. Zonos helps you manage that.

Providing the right code at the right place.

Restricted and denied party screening
real time at checkout

The United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports where the receiving party may be strictly prohibited to sell to or licences could be required to export to certain individuals. All eleven lists are scrubbed and flagged if you need to review a buyer. If there is ever a hit the order is flagged and you receive an email with further instructions.

Crossborder cart recovery
immediate 8% bump international orders

The #1 concern of an international customer is shipping costs. Just by adding a small discount on shipping for customers that abandoned their cart gives an average of 8% boost in orders. Oh yea, speaking the language of 37% of your customers in the recovery email has a big impact as well. We translate it into 18 different languages.

"An idea can transform the world
and rewrite all the rules."

Cobb - Inception

Imagine the exceptions you have dreamt you wish your checkout could handle like items over 4lbs going to São Paulo charge a flat $30 shipping if the address contains a PO Box and the item brand is Garmin.

Can you think of it? It can be written.

Hundreds of variables in scope
almost infinite possibilities

Duty, promotions, address information, shipping methods, optional landed costs, translation, items, weights, dimensions, customer messaging and hundreds of other variables are in scope allowing us to customize the checkout to your hearts content. The one requirement for use, Imagination.

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