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Landed Cost

Give shoppers DDP at checkout

Zonos gives you the ability to show guaranteed duty, tax, and carrier fee calculations for all orders, creating a better cross-border shopping experience to over 200 destinations.

Zonos Landed Cost

Manage international taxes and duties

"A great way to manage complexities of international taxes and duties. We are now able to provide customers with more awareness of their local taxes, improving the delivery process."
BĀMBA SWIM International Singapore

Never deal with a duty tax invoice again

Imagine never having to worry about duties and taxes invoices again. That's the peace of mind our Landed Cost guarantee offers.

IOSS, UK VAT and more cross-border tax handled

We keep up on low-value tax schemes for you. US to UK, UK to EU, EU to US, and more. We've got you covered.

Zonos Landed Cost

HS classification is free with our guaranteed landed cost

We'll classify your products for free when you use our guaranteed landed cost solution.

The customer has no surprises

"Really helps us out to ship internationally, the product helps dial in freight, duties and taxes nicely so the customer has no surprises when their order arrives."
Rob SellerUnited States

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