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Zonos Landed Cost software products and API

Zonos Landed Cost

Zonos is #1 for total landed cost and accuracy

Zonos lets you sell internationally with full transparency. Easily calculate duty, taxes, and other fees without giving up control of your business or wasting time with manual quotes. Available with plugins and APIs.

Zonos total Landed Cost plugins, apps and APIs
Zonos Landed Cost software products and API

Landed Cost

For your platform, checkout, ERP system and more

Landed Cost features
  • Import tax calculations
  • Import duty calculations
  • Carrier fee calculations
  • De minimis support
  • HS code support
Ideal for: anyone doing cross-border

Landed cost, classification, currency conversion,
localization and more!

Highest rated

Eliminate all international drama

"Zonos eliminates all [international] drama. Calculates exact VAT, shipping, duties
instantly and provides seamless checkout [with an] easy to use intuitive interface."

G2 logo icon Torry M. (G2 Reviews)

"I hate chargebacks and refused packages!"

We hear this all the time, but landed cost is no longer risky and overwhelming with Zonos. We partner with businesses of all sizes to simplify cross-border transactions.

Eliminate chargebacks and refused packages for international shipping
5 star review

Simplify the international shipping process

“The international shipping process is a complicated one but Zonos helps to
simplify the process.”

G2 logo icon Gylfi Aron. (G2 Reviews)

Quit losing time and money

Tired of manually quoting landed cost for every non-domestic order? Let Zonos do the heavy lifting so you spend less time on international.

Save time and money by using Zonos to quote your customs duty and tax for international orders
highest rated

Increase international sales by 30%

“We are able to get our international customers an accurate landed cost in real time
instead of manually quoting. This has increased our international sales by more than
30% and saved us a lot of time and missed business..”

G2 logo icon Matt B. (G2 Reviews)

Earn global customer trust

Zonos Hello gives you transparent landed cost during the shopping experience. When customers shop with confidence, everyone wins. Boom!

Earn customer trust with landed cost transparency at checkout
5 star rating

Effective tool for international growth

“[Zonos] enables our international customers to get a fully delivered price
up front, in their native currency. [It is an] effective tool to assist with the
growth of our international business”

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Zonos Landed Cost software products and API FAQs

Does Zonos Landed Cost support different ship-from countries?

Yes, Landed Cost will support exports from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more. The Landed Cost API, Hello, and Quoter all support these varying regions. International Checkout, which also includes payment solutions, is not supported in every region. If you are using a plugin on Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento, read more on each platform's documentation page to determine supported ship-from countries.

Does Zonos offer shipping rates or logistical services?

No, Zonos is not a shipping service or reseller of shipping rates; however, Zonos closely partners with highly capable international shipping providers to produce a landed cost inclusive of their brokerage and other clearance fees.

What is landed cost?

Landed cost is the total cost paid for an international purchase by the time it reaches the shopper’s doorstep. A landed cost calculation is comprised of the sum of the cart, duties, taxes, shipping and additional fees from customs, brokers, or the carrier.

Is duty applied to every order?

Not necessarily. It is very common for low-value shipments to be below the de minimis duty, and duty is not applied to the import.

How accurate are Zonos' duty landed cost calculations?

The Zonos Global Trade Management (GT) team does a monthly audit of our calculations that’s published with warts and all. We are dedicated to being transparent and accurate in our calculations.

What is a de minimis value?

The de minimis is a threshold value that exempts imports from duty and/or tax or VAT. This means a consumer can spend up to that certain amount without being charged the duty or tax/VAT. The de minimis will differ based on the country. Click here to see de minimis values by country.

What is an HS code?

Harmonized (or HS) codes is part of the international harmonized system that is designed to streamline international trade. It uses a system of names and numbers to classify goods. Over 180 countries have currently adopted the harmonized system. Click to read more about harmonized codes.

Do I need to harmonize my catalog to get a landed cost calculation from Zonos?

No, a harmonized catalog is not required for a landed cost. If a harmonized code is not provided, the default HS code will be used and a landed cost calculation will be provided.

What plugins are available for Zonos Landed Cost?

Zonos currently supports plugins for Shopify, BigCommerce> and Magento.

Can I adjust my landed cost settings?

Yes you can manage all your settings using Dashboard. Only those with a Zonos account have access to Dashboard.

How do I get help fixing a landed cost issue?

Having trouble with calculations not working? Do you believe the landed cost quotes are too high or low? It's likely a configuration problem. Please contact Zonos directly. We are available during normal business hours (8am - 5pm MT)