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Manage item restrictions

AI driven compliance and tools for managing item restrictions.

Zonos Restrict

Products that can't be shipped

"We have certain products that can't be shipped to certain countries, and Zonos restricts — 5 stars"
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Stay off customs radar

Every country has it's own set of rules. Zonos Restrict evaluates every item based on the item properties including descriptions and HS codes to help you stay compliant with import regulations.

Be compliant with your carrier’s restrictions

Even if a country allows an item for import, your carrier may not.

You control what you sell and where you sell it

Have your own item restrictions? Manage where items can be sold in the Zonos Dashboard or write rules based on descriptions, brands, categories, and more.

Options that work for you

Restrict is built into Zonos Checkout. Additionally, you can use our ecommerce plugins or tie into our API.

Protect your shoppers, and don't ship to bad actors

When a buyer is the importer of record, they are obligated to comply with country and local regulations. Give them peace of mind while ensuring anyone with bad intentions doesn't purchase your products.

Zonos Screen

Denied party screening 

Zonos Screen provides additional compliance with machine learning matching of buyer on denied party lists.

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