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Stay compliant with classifications on every package

Count on Classify for precise HS codes amidst stricter customs regulations.

Zonos Classify

Speed up customs clearance

Ensure faster customs clearance and avoid delays by accurately classifying your products.

Unlock faster package clearing and increased revenue with Zonos

Zonos offers a suite of products and services that help postal operators enhance their offering with benefits like faster package clearing, reliable service, and increased revenue.

Blazing fast classification of goods with AI-driven technology

Effortlessly assign country and product-specific HS codes with our state-of-the-art multimodal AI system.

Expand your product with your own classification engine

Use Zonos' connections to brokers to build your own DDP products.

Don't let poor product descriptions slow you down

Classify uses the power of AI to generate HS codes, even when faced with inadequate or incomplete descriptions. With ecommerce customers, we even decode product images to assist in the most accurate classifications.

Tired of manual HS code classifications?

No more headaches, no more wasted time. Welcome to the future of HS code classifications.

It's easy to get harmonized codes

"Easy to search for harmonized codes for items and makes it easier to provide necessary customs paperwork."
Dorian HG2 Review

Be ready for ICS2

Easily get the HS code on every shipment into the EU and the world.

Fix bad HS codes upstream

Merchants that use Zonos Landed Cost get free HS classification on every order. Introduce Zonos' technology to your customers and never worry about bad HS codes again.

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