For Merchants
For Logistics

Say goodbye to manual tax and duty collection

A low-code solution to collect taxes, duties and fees from importers.

Zonos Landed Cost

Localized for your region

Collect supports 30+ languages, 135+ currencies with local payment methods.

Zonos Collect

A better payment experience

With SMS and email notifications importers can easily pay their invoice with one click optimized for any device.

Zonos Collect

Easily add your fees for collection

Configure your fees such as COD, and charges on setup.

We built the DDU payment experience so you don't have to

An experience built for cross-border. Importers can view their import and payment history with transparency.

Zonos Collect

DDP for inbound shipments

With Collect, Zonos can easily create an inbound DDP solution for the DDU region.

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