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Transform your data for smoother clearance

With Zonos, you can turn poor data into clear, accurate information that streamlines the clearance process. That includes HS code, customs descriptions, ecommerce order data, and more.

Zonos Landed Cost

Get precise item classifications and descriptions

Our cross-border APIs help you get the right classifications and descriptions for your items. No more guesswork, just accurate data.

The detailed data you've been missing

With direct integrations into thousands of ecommerce websites, Zonos can provide the detailed order and item data you've been missing, making for faster clearance and reduced issues with customs.


No more customs delays

Integrate with Zonos to turn poor customs data into clean, accurate information to clear more shipments, faster.

Accurate HS codes for every item on every commercial invoice

Auto-classify every product for your customers with Zonos Classify.

Quality customs descriptions

Zonos provides quality, precise, customs-ready product descriptions with Zonos Clear.

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