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ICS2 problems? Not anymore

Use Zonos' APIs to classify items quickly and in bulk to ensure accurate classifications and return the clean data you need to move packages quickly.

Zonos Classify

Powering the USPS and more

Zonos powers for posts: Duty, tax, and fee calculations, AI HS classifications, denied party screening, item restriction, and more.


Say goodbye to data inaccuracies and delays in your postal operations.

With Zonos' suite of APIs, you'll enjoy accurate, clean data that boosts your operations and cuts processing times. Say goodbye to lost revenue and hello to swift, reliable package clearance.

Unlock faster package clearing and increased revenue with Zonos

Zonos offers a suite of products and services that help postal operators enhance their offerings—benefiting from faster package clearing, reliable service, and increased revenue.


Win back what's yours

With Zonos, you're not just improving your postal operations. You're winning back customers and revenue that's rightfully yours. Let's get started.

Expand your product with your own classification engine

Use Zonos' connections to brokers to build you own DDP products.

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Effortlessly navigate ICS2 with Zonos

Zonos is your secret weapon in navigating ICS2. With our powerful APIs and intuitive dashboard, you can classify products swiftly and keep your packages moving, boosting your revenue and service offerings



"越境ECのオンラインショップを構築するにあたり、ShopifyエキスパートのアドバイスでZonos Duty and Taxを実装しました。FedExの運賃レートをAPI連携で反映させることが出来ること、HSコードを各商品に割り当てることで各国の税金も正確に反映させることが出来る点が、当社の目的に合致しました."

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