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Every day, a UPS customer goes live with Zonos.

Zonos stops costly surprises for you and your international customers with the most accurate landed cost in the business.

Quote landed cost • Prepay duty & tax • Globalize your business

Full support for: EU IOSS | UK VAT
Zonos has been a UPS Ready® | UPS® Digital Connections provider since 2016

Ecommerce benefits

The right way to go global for merchants and their customers

  • f1 Simplify cross-border Everything you need to make cross-border selling as simple as your domestic.
  • Maintain full control You keep control of your supply chain, packages and returns.
  • UPS® Digital Connections approved Zonos solutions are eligible for subsidized implementation under UPS® Digital Connections.
  • True landed cost breakdown Build trust with transparency. Includes duty & tax plus all other applicable fees. No surprise fees EVER!
  • Local messaging & currency conversion Give your international customers a smooth shopping experience without surprises.
  • Easy integration with B2B options Our Customer Success team can help implement solutions on any platform.

UPS® Worldwide Economy

Rates at checkout and label printing
  • Show UPS® Worldwide Economy rates with DDP at checkout
  • Get higher checkout conversion when offering UPS® Worldwide Economy
  • Use Zonos to process and print UPS labels
UPS® Worldwide Economy Labels UPS® Worldwide Economy Labels

Zonos difference is huge

“I have two websites, one with Zonos and one without. The difference Zonos is making on the website utilizing it, is a huge contrast vs the other. We have no issues with that store when it comes to international orders, complaints, or issues from customers. While the website without Zonos is experiencing things like abandoned packages and upset customers at an ever increasing rate.”

5 star review
Darren Williams, Chief Growth Officer and

Zonos has been life changing

“We had been trying to sell internationally for 3 years and found Zonos about a year ago. This has done everything we needed and more. We are excited to leverage their landed cost guarantee moving forward as it will give us peace of mind while we work to increase our international shipping.”

5 star review
Kelly Waldren, VP of Operations
Old Whaling Company

75 exports this week!

"Do you want to help your customers grow their exports and increase your SIP? You can by positioning UPS International with Zonos. Once I explained the issues with duties and taxes to Crimson Dawn, the owners signed immediately and got started with Zonos. They have 75 exports this week alone!”

5 star review
Jarred Montgomery, International Account Executive
UPS SMB, Red River

We’ve grown

"Since teaming up with Zonos, we are able to ship orders within 2 hours of receipt, and our international sales have grown well over 500%."

5 star review
Jason Stearns

Wish list

"An all-encompassing solution that checked off all the items on the customer’s wish list were addressed."

5 star review
Kyle Rodriguez
UPS International Account Manager

Right fit

"If you are in need of a painless international shipping/duties solution for your business, Zonos may be the right fit for you especially if you already ship with UPS."

5 star review
G2 Reviews
UPS customer

Our products

Landed Cost

For your platform, checkout, ERP system and more

Landed cost features

  • Import tax calculations
  • Import duty calculations
  • Carrier fee calculations
  • De minimis support
  • HS code support
Ideal for: anyone doing
cross border



Landed cost, classification, currency conversion, localization and more!

Download PDF

International Checkout

The most powerful international checkout for ecommerce

International Checkout features

Ideal for: global
ecommerce growth


The most advanced landed cost calculator
Ideal for: anyone looking for a tool to quickly calculate a landed cost

Standalone application

With an easy-to-use interface

Download PDF


Welcome shoppers in their local language and currency on your website

Hello features

  • Duty & tax calculations
  • Import fee calculations
  • Shipment rating for your carrier
  • Currency conversion
  • Duty and tax quotes on product pages
  • Translated 18 languages
  • Import country regulation
Ideal for: improving an ecommerce shopping experience


Automatically generate
harmonized codes for
product catalogs

Classify features

  • On-demand classification
  • Advanced image recognition
  • HS code support
  • UPC code lookup
  • HTS country code support
Ideal for: anyone needing to classify cross-border goods

Landed Cost

Enjoy guaranteed total landed cost accuracy

What Zonos will do for you

  • Reconcile your landed cost
  • Pay your landed cost bill
  • Ensure landed cost accuracy
  • Provide calculation details
  • Negotiate carrier fee discounts for higher conversion
  • Assist with country taxation laws and remittance
Ideal for: anyone seeking peace of mind with landed cost calculations

Implementation Process

Our implementation timeline can depend on which Zonos product you are using and the ecommerce platform you are on.

  • The typical time for a Zonos Duty & Tax app or plugin is 1-2 days.
  • The typical time for Zonos International Checkout is 1-2 weeks.

A Customer Success (CS) rep is assigned to your account and will walk you through the onboarding process and after you’ve gone live with Zonos, they will continue to provide support as needed.

Note: You will be able to pull your live UPS rates through Zonos after you have authenticated your account.

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