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Zonos decodes cross border

Cross border problems aren’t rooted in logistics; they’re in technology. We may not have control over government bureaucracy, but we can make it easier for online retailers to overcome the red tape.

Zonos, decoding cross border
Global commerce decoder definition


Individuals who have an unhealthy obsession with
fixing what’s broken in global commerce.

Zonos Story - Clint Reid Zonos founder and CEO

The Zonos story

Clint Reid worked as an International Account Executive at UPS before starting his own company in 2009. He had met with the owner of a company selling goods to Canada. After explaining the overly complex process of filing paperwork and all the taxes involved, the owner lamented it was just too complicated and expensive to continue selling abroad.

After experiencing the same pains of international commerce over and over again with other clients, Clint ultimately left his job at UPS to start building the best cross-border technology solution possible.

Zonos Timeline - iGlobal get it's first order

Sept 1, 2009

Zonos gets its first order - balloon sticks to Tokyo, Japan. Clint’s email subject line to the store owner: “Order #1 of a Billion”

iGlobal Stores business model changes from a GELP to technology based company

April 10, 2013

iGlobal Stores changes from a GELP* model to solely a technology-focused company.

Zonos Timeline: iGlobal Stores moves to St George, Utah

April 14, 2014

The company moves from Salt Lake City to St. George, Utah.

Zonos Timeline: iGlobal - Zonos rebranding event happens on February 16, 2018, officially adopting the name Zonos.

February 16, 2018

We officially announce our new name “Zonos” at a local event on Tech Ridge in St. George, Utah.

Zonos Timeline: Zonos invited to speak at a UN eCommerce Week Conference

April 1, 2019

Clint gets invited to speak at a UN eCommerce Week Conference on Trade and Development in Switzerland.

*What is a GELP?

Global Ecommerce Logistics and Payments: a business that takes control of your international business, shipping your product through them and using their shipping account, not yours.

Zonuts - the name of a zonos employee

(noun) Incredibly happy Zonos team members who are changing the world. And yes, we like donuts.

Our Values

Reach everyone We're responsible for customer success Do something new Never give up, never surrender

“It’s so rewarding to do big things with amazing people.”Aaron

“I believe in the vision and disruptive technology.”Semisi

“We’re building the future of cross border.”Clint

“I love working at a company that’s affecting real change.”Travis

“At Zonos, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”Frank

“Great people all working toward a common goal.”Ryan

“I love getting to be involved with new, exciting projects.”Michelle

“I love knowing I can make a difference.”Tawnee

“It's awesome to work at a company that’s affecting real change.”Travis

“Amazing & creative people solving hard problems” Brian

“I love knowing my voice matters” Christina

“The culture is the next best thing to family.” Jamie

“I love the totally awesome engineering challenges.”Kyle

“We all take responsibility for our customer’s success.”Dustin

“Looking forward and always improving” Anthony

“We are the future of cross border” Josh

“I am challenged every day. Constant changes keep things exciting.”Jenny

“Everyone is fast to adapt. No two days are the same.” David

“I love the family environment all working toward a united goal.”Jim

“Every day's a thrill. The people are brilliant and inspiring.” Lori

“Our culture’s energy and intent is palpable.”Katrina

“I feel like I’m part of a family here” Jordan

“I love the people.”Kubie

“Zonos pushes me to grow” Scout


Zonos is headquartered in St. George, Utah

  • 1664 S Dixie Drive
  • Suite H-109
  • St.George, UT 84770
Zonos is located in St George, Utah

330+ days of sunshine each year

Innovative work environment

60 minutes from Zion National Park

90 minutes from Las Vegas

Snow ski and golf on the same day

Fastest growing city in the US 2018

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