Classify features

Get cross-border data beyond HS codes.

Discover the features and add-ons offered by Zonos Classify, including single and bulk classifications, image classification, translation support, confidence scores, and more, all designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of product classifications and provide the data needed for cross-border commerce.

Classify features 

Learn about Zonos Classify's available features and add-ons available depending on your Classify plan:

Single classificationsRequest a single classification in Dashboard or via API.
Bulk classificationsRequest a bulk classification request or even your entire catalog on once in Dashboard or via API.
HS codesEvery classification request will return a universal six-digit HS codes or an country-specific eight+ digit HS code if a ship-to country is supplied.
Image classificationUtilize Classify's robust image recognition technology to power your classification requests, resulting in more accurate results.
Provided HS codeGuide your Classify request with a provided HS to check its validation and coherency.
Translation supportGet your HS tariff schedule descriptions, display names, and AI-generated customs descriptions in your preferred language.
Classify alternatesIn a standard response, Classify returns a single HS code. Classify alternates, on the other hand, modifies the response to give you up to five HS code options.
HS tariff schedule descriptionsWorld Customs Organization (WCO) HS nomenclature tariff schedule descriptions for Classify HS codes. This includes the chapter, heading, and subheading descriptions, along with the tariff descriptions (country-specific) if a ship-to country is provided. E.g., for heading 9503, the description would be "Tricycles, scooters, pedal cars and similar wheeled toys; dolls' carriages; dolls; other toys; reduced-size ('scale') models and similar recreational models, working or not; puzzles of all kinds."
Display namesCleansed, simplified HS nomenclature tariff schedule descriptions that are consolidated and easy to understand. E.g., "Metal tubing" instead of "Flexible tubing of base metal, with or without fittings."
Confidence scoresConfidence scores are a percentage accuracy score, which can be adjusted. This allows you to easily flag codes that may be inaccurate for refinement.
Duty ratesIf you request a country-specific HS code, Classify can return the country's duty rate for the respective HS code.
AI customs descriptionsThese descriptions are generated based on an intuitive combination of your product details and the WCO HS tariff schedule descriptions. These quality descriptions can be used for customs documentation to help with ISC2 requirements and have a smooth clearance process.
Audit trail*AI-generated audit trail outlining classification justification details and documentation to substantiate the classification, i.e., why Classify selected the HS code it did. This can include explanatory notes, customs rulings, and other supporting documentation.
Manual audit and reviewZonos will manually audit and review 1% of your classifications. This 1% will be selected based on a combination of low confidence scores and a random sampling of data, which will be manually classified and ingested into our AI models to improve your accuracy.
Premium supportThis includes weekly Classify support calls during the onboarding phase, ongoing monthly support calls with a Classify project and/or product manager, and direct email access to the Classify team for questions and support.

*Audit trails are coming soon.

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