Classify on the fly


Classify on the fly

Navigating Classify on the fly and fallback HS codes

HS codes are critical for accurately calculating duties and taxes and meeting customs requirements. Understanding how HS codes are used within the Zonos flow is crucial as they play a large part in international trade. This guide highlights the sequence of selecting HS codes, including the benefits of Zonos Classify, and fallback HS codes.

Classify on the fly

Classify on the fly is a feature that generates HS codes when a product-specific HS code is not provided at time of checkout. By leveraging Zonos Classify, Zonos will use either the name or description from your item to generate an HS code. This auto-classification is based on a confidence score established by Zonos. If the score does not meet the required threshold, your store's fallback HS code will be applied.

Note: These auto-classifications will be one-time classifications and are not saved off or stored in your Catalog.

HS code selection 

Zonos Catalog is the recommended and efficient solution for storing product-specific HS codes, ensuring compatibility with all Zonos products and services. If you cannot store HS codes in Catalog, consult our list of supported platforms to ensure compatibility for retrieving product-specific HS codes from your ecommerce platform.

The process for selecting HS codes for calculations is as follows:

  1. Zonos Catalog check: We first check for product-specific codes in the Zonos Catalog, starting with country-specific HS codes. If a country-specific code is not available, we use the universal code.
  2. Ecommerce platform check: If no HS code is found in the Zonos Catalog, we check your ecommerce platform's catalog.
  3. Classify on the fly: If neither catalog source provides an HS code, we use Classify on the Fly to automatically classify items in real-time during checkout.
  4. Fallback HS code: If Classify on the fly's confidence score does not meet the required threshold set by Zonos, we use your fallback HS code as a last resort.

Fallback HS code 

Fallback HS codes are utilized by Zonos for landed cost calculations, commercial invoices, and shipping labels when product-specific codes are either not provided or do not meet the confidence score set by Zonos. Each store is assigned a single fallback HS code.

At the time of onboarding, Zonos automatically supplies a fallback HS code based on your store URL's name and metadata description. This HS code can be modified if desired.

To modify your fallback HS code:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Customs
  2. Add your fallback HS code in the Fallback HS code box
  3. Click Save default customs info.

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